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Nitro Reviews Flex Seal Walmart

Description: This article is about flex seal Walmart. It is a review to show that the flex seal is a good temporary fix and it needs to be dry when you use it.

JD Nitro is back again with another As Seen on TV Product flex seal, and this time, you have been requesting whether this is flex seal or not. Let’s go. So as you can see, if you can spray paint, you can use flex seal, it’s liquid rubber in a can.

And as you can see, here is the little strainer that I have covered in flex seal. There is not video trickery, it holds water and it’s completely sealed like a little black bowl. I don’t know how well you can see this, but it shows you before image of a leaky pipe and the after image that the pipe is sealed.

Here’s the thing that you cannot spray this on a pipe, which is actively leaking and tested it doesn’t work. The area that you’re trying to seal. It needs to be dry in order for flex seal to work. Now I put two coats on that a little strainer and it works.

The only thing is that I think we should emphasize this flex seal is a good temporary fix. If you’ve got something leaking such as your rain gutters or a garden hose or what-have-you temporary fix. I would not trust flex seal to be the permanent fix all of things that need to be sealed.

With that said bottom line, I give flex seal a 9 out of 10. It’s easy to use, does as advertised, it has good temporary fix and totally it is worth keeping a can of it in your toolbox. And I am going to do it for this article.

If you have a product that you want me to review, leave it down in the comments section or on Google. I’m JD Nitro, remember like comment and subscribe the official order for doing things. I’m out.

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