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Product Review Flex Seal Walmart DIY Duke

Description: This article is about flex seal Walmart. Some people send the writer a can of flex seal and hope that he can use it in a review. The writer uses it on his Jeep and the result is that the flex seal is very useful.

There’s nothing better than the finally to v8 engine that I do. This is my 1978 Jeep CJ 5, it starts out and I’ll show you a picture of that. It is the frame when I built it up. It takes about three years but I finally get it done. So having it all fixed up, I want to make sure that it stays fixed up.

One of the problem areas in any vehicle is the inside of the fender wall, because in the wintertime, rain and all that shut up. That’s a key spot. It is rusty though. Some people from flex seal sent me a product, they wanted me to use it. And I’m going to use that in the fender. We’ll see how well that works.

It’s a rubberized product that has a lot of time to use for gutters or roof patches or things that prevent water from getting in or out of something. But I think it’s going to work well for this. Now some of the frame before I put the body on, I used an under coating product that comes in a can.

You can also buy it in a more elaborate form with the spray or more of a professional way. But I want to keep the rust from appearing on the frame and the vehicle. I’m going to try this because it sounds very cool and good. So I want you to tire off and get a light underneath there, which is the key thing.

Make sure that’s prepped, clean it up all good and then we’re going to use that product. It is flex seal, which is seen on TV. So there are a couple of things that you want to remember to do before you start spraying it on. You want to protect yourself from any bad fumes, because according to the can, there are a lot of products such as this spray paint lacquer based on stuff or whatever you know.

It is very sticky. So protect your nasal passages, because you don’t want to mess those up. You should protect your eyes, because a lot of warnings on this thing are about eyes and don’t drink it. You don’t sniff until you get high and that is not a joke. What you want to do is to use it.

What it means to you is that it looks like a nice codeine to me. I’ve only used a little part of the can. What I’m going to do is to finish the front and the back. Let it set up a little bit such as a paint or any kind of product that’s wet. You want to set up and do a little curing up first and then do another coat, because I want to protect that fender wall from all that, oil grease, no ice, mud and all that stuff out which are build up on a fender oil.

So we will go ahead and spray a little bit more on that. So that’s a second coat. I will let that dry, once that’s dry and then I’m going to do a durability test on it. I will take a scraper or something that’s going to simulate that mud and road grime are going to do. We will see how durable it is.

What I did was to take the flex seal, which was the same stuff. I sprayed on the fender wall of the Jeep and sprayed it on a piece of metal, which was the same gauge, such as 20 gauge metal. So there were a couple of coats that I did on the fender wall.

I’m going to simulate a little bit of abrasion going on. This is a super stiff wire brush. I’m digging. Let’s try a little motor oil, light oil comes off the road, somebody blow their engine, all the oil comes on the road then it shoots up on your fender wall. Now I’m curious to see what happens, a semi truck load of lacquer thinner wrecks and then the lacquer thinner wrecks are in your fender walls.

Let’s set their second. It’s getting a little soft, but still on there. It is very impressive that those chemicals are very good. That’s what I want from a Jeep. So flex seal liquid rubber sealant Cody and its accompanying good friend and partner flex shot. I mean it might look that way, but they sent me this stuff and said if I would put it in an article.

I thought I needed this stuff to use on my Jeep, so I’m not a sellout. D.I.Y DUKE see you until the next time. A brake cleaner is very good for quickly removing grease and oil. This happens to be a 3m product.

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