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Testing Walmart Flex Seal As Seen On TV

Description: The article is about flex seal Walmart. The author is intended to show us the test with flex seal which was bought in Walmart, he wants to try it in order to see how good it is, sharing with us about the functions of it and telling us whether we need it or not for the leakage.

Welcome back to my laboratory, today we’re going to put to the test, it is very famous commercial with this man, I’m sure everybody has seen it especially in the United States, they go flex seal, what he did is to get one of these trainers and spray whole bunch of stuff into there and it becomes sealed completely also what he did on one of the commercials, got a bucket not to be used as a hard head.

That’s so funny, I love these buckets, so what he did is to grab a knife and stop a few times and then he used this flex seal and it sealed it up completely, so does it work? I’m sure it does, but how many bottles did he go through?

I have here four bottles, hopefully it doesn’t take that much to seal up a knife hole into the bucket and also they use flex seal to fix genomic parts one of my part exploded during the winter, so I’m going to use this flex seal to fix it all together.

I’ll show it to you in a minute, first of all, let’s do the bucket test, when you use in spray paint or in this case, we’re going to be sparing rubber, we do not want to inhale it, so get yourself a mask, make sure that so that way, none of the rubber get into your lungs.

I don’t want that rubber on my hands either, he used exactly the same knife, so that’s cool, I remember I did a video with this thousand degree knife, my knife is all on there, we’re going to stop a couple of times, but I am very careful not to cut myself, that’s a good look, it’s even cock to this side.

Then we’re going to do one more here, that’s a good one and you don’t flip it over check this off, we got a good accent here, the name is back in, go to my character skill, let’s see how it works, never use this before, that’s so cool, it’s zooming up so fast, I would put it vertically, because all that rubber is action, making feathers.

I put level one, I’m going to let it die out and then I’m going to do the second layer. I can’t believe how thick it is. I didn’t even have to spray much in there, it is very surprised, it has gone up, I’m going to spray this, it looks like pusher, you have to do one layer at the time.

I’d hear a cog, this spot check this out, let’s see if it’s going to work or not, I’m going to put this piece back in and it should seal everything together and that way it will seal it, so that way we can put water now and if you’re not fine, we’re going to let it die out and apply another layer on it.

One thing that you turn, I put way too much in, so that way, it’s leaking too much, I thought it was going to be a lot thicker than it is, so what I would do first layer, a lot less spray on a little layer, let it dry out the second layer, the third layer, so don’t spray it too much.

I did or it will dip like a paint, so we’re going to let it dry out, it’s been about five minutes, let’s see if it died out, but it seems that it’s already sealed, I don’t even know if I need to add another layer, what will be a big test, there is a big hole, I want to see how many layers will it take to Sulabh, let’s pick another place, that bucket doesn’t need any more layers for sure.

I’m going to let the dye out for at least 30 minutes and then we’re going to do a water test to see if it’s going to leak or not, stay now, it seems that it’s thick enough to put the second layer, but as you can see, it’s still wet, I’m honestly surprised about the amount of the flex.

The flex is inside of each bottle, as you can see, I’m doing a little bit thick layer, let’s put the second, as you can see, I wouldn’t put too much on a pot, one spray on the clock to let it dry out.

The second spirit doesn’t put too much or it will leak out, I could probably even seal this hole, but it’s probably going to take a lot of layers, what I want to focus is on this hole because I need this hole, I’ll look at that boom sealed it up, four layers in my leak away.

So I might have to do one more spray after it dies out and maybe five or six places will make this hole disappear, my boot also has a hole over here, I stepped in the nail or something, every time I go in the water, it’s leaks and it’s a rubber boots, the point of them, so I can walk in the water instead of buying new shoes.

I have a little bit left over to see if you put too much, it’s starting to leak, so it puts very little bit and holds it upside down like that, so there is out, I do not have a hole there, you can make a nicer one, so that way you do not have this leagues.

But I don’t care a rubber boots and I’m going to do one more layer on this pot and I think this is going to be good. I can’t believe how many jobs I can do to fill up this pot, there were lots of cocks. I have completely sold out this turn away too much, look at that and I fixed the bucket and I can feel there is a little bit more left for sure unless this is good stuff.

I’m not complaining at all. I’m going to fill up this whole thing like this, so that way, it’s have a flat surface, look how my chief has left over, I can’t believe it, I might paint it completely black, because I have so much left over. I don’t know what else to steal.

This pot is weather resistant, I can’t believe it, I’ll let it dry out for an hour, let’s see that’s how it is supposed to stage your motion, you know what it is, you know why I’m going to put water now, it is the same thing, this pot is all done.

All that stuff started check this out, look at that clock over here and it’s fully sealed up, you know what you might want to do, let it dry for a bit longer, but how cool is that? You have all these cracks over here and they got all sealed up, look at this horse.

I should have spread inside as well, but it’s a cool comparison now, this part is all fixed up and ready to be used again and it looks good. I like it, my boot side here look like they died out, put in the water, you can see if I’m going to feel any water.

There isn’t another fool, beside that, there’s a lot bigger hole here. I missed it, I didn’t see this hole, but at least these shoes are done. I don’t think this Flags glue is going to fix this part, because it’s on a flex ID here, it is going to come off easily.

Let’s see how well this bucket does boom, there is a hole, as I said here, there is another one hole and all that water is sitting in there and it’s not leaking, so how does it work? I love it, the bucket is not leaking, I love it boom completely sealed up, shot last test, the strainer test, the senior water coming up on dirt loop, how cool is that?

I’m seeing leakage, that’s so cool, it’s a thick layer on this one, one thing for sure, we definitely wasted this Dana, but there is no flex seal, it works well, it looks like a dust, what they advertised and if it’s a big hole, you keep doing layers, one thing I did not expect is how long this hole can last.

I thought that there would be only one bucket that has to be fixed and I would have to use up the whole, let me know in comments below about what you think about it, don’t forget to thumbs up and I’ll see you next time.

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