Street Fighter 4 Focus Attack Com Tutorial Part 1

Description: The article is mainly going to talk about focus attack which should be a new thing to street fight, the content primarily covers the detailed procedures of how to play by yourselves and how to play that with the team members.

Today we’re going to talk about focus attacks, now the focus attack is a new thing to street fight, it’s catback with a parry from a street fight, a third strike, but it’s different in that sense, if you charge it up here, I hold it down, it will hit him, I’m able to follow up with a combo.

When he finished swimming, his punch board, you have a better chance of doing a follow up combo, that’s the first thing with your focus attack, now you’ll notice that if I press it, once he doesn’t crumble, if you hold it down until you do that which is like a glass breaking sound.

There is the rush punch into the Dragon Punch, the light punch is good, because you can use chunky, that’s the gist, the basis of that attack, you can do a lot of cool things with this attack, you’ll notice that while you’re charging it, you can dash backwards in dash forward, so that gives you a few different options here.

There are lots of different things you can do, as a bathing attack, it’s solid, if you want to use it in place of what they had in third strike there and see how he’s doing that a little kick there, if they fall like a dragon punch or something, it can be difficult, but it’s still doable, so it is another option that you have with that attack.

The next thing I want to show you here is how you can use this to get on someone or build your alternative abilities. If the person is repetitive, when I’m sitting back, you can’t see it, but every time, you have one of these, we’ll be building up your ultra meter, so we want to sit here, I’ll sit here until I have a whole year.

The Boathouse we had bought off these Tigers, you can do that, so that’s another use you can make with the focus attack here, the next thing this is definitely complicated, but the most practical way to use your focus attack is that when you’re using a focus attack as the attack lands for most attacks, if you press your focus attack buttons, you can cancel that insula.

What’s going to focus attack? Council or FA DC? It should be the FA DC, it does eat up two of your virus, so be careful when you’re doing it, but you’ll see that because I have three sets of infinite, but be conscious of that, you need two bars to be able to do a F and E C.

What this means here is that you can cancel a move that might be relatively unsafe and make it a safe attack, because instead of finishing the animation, you cancel out of it, I have to eat in that example, if I get knocked down and I want to do a reversal dragon punch, that’s fine.

As soon as the dragon punch hits, I’m going to hold down the focus attack, you’ll see that I count, so the Dragon Punch animation is going to start charging with my focus attack, now what you can see here is that if you know ryu a bit, I show you the drinking punch f ADC ultra.

This is going to be the most complicated thing that you can do with the focus attack, there are other things you can use in combos, if you’re doing a poke, if you’re in the corner, you can use that to follow up with a combo and in the training room here, you can make it infinite, so it keeps going and going, you could have a billionaire couple.

What you’re going to do is your dragon punch, it doesn’t matter which version it is, but as soon as it hits, you hit a focused attack, you can even all chuck and that’s not an ulcer, maybe that’s a bad sign, that sounds complicated, it’s complicated technique, but if you can learn this, it gives you a lot of different opportunities, you can learn that ultra instead of sitting here, waiting for a dragon punch to land it on the way down.

I’m waiting for a focus attack to hit, so you can crumb, so let’s go ahead and try one of these, so they do dragon punch focus attack and an ultra there.

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