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Description: This article is about Focus Collier. It primarily says that Collier transit buses are ready,the impact fee program for existing commercial redevelopment is received, public hunting at Caracara Preserve is facilitated and managed and new and innovative ways to divert recyclable materials are found.

Welcome to this edition of Collier Focus, on today’s show, we’ll take a look at the March thirteenth Board of County Commissioners meeting. A new Collier area transit transfer station at the main government campus,one step closer to construction, the ease and convenience of the North Korea recycling drop-off center. I’m Troy Miller. It will cover these stories and more next on Collier Focus .Stay tuned.

Whether reporting on the latest news stories or hot issues, taking a look at County government services or announcing what’s happening around County. This is Collier Focus-bringing government home. Collier transit buses are already for the perfect way to get around town. Soon they will have a new din to call home.

The Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to award a contract to Manhattan construction incorporated in the amount of 3.8 million dollars for the construction of the Collier Area Transit inter-modal transfer station.

The new facility will be retrofitted into the main parking garage located on the Collier County government campus on the corner of Tamiami trail east and airport polling Road. Alternative transportation modes director Michelle Arnold explains how the project was made possible .

We acquired two different grants, an intermodal grant from the state of Florida as well as a trip grant from the state.Those grant dollars makes this a reality.Because we were luckily able to utilize the property as a match which helps. The county is contributing the other portion of the match or the trip grant.

We are able to provide amenities. For example, we don’t have any kind of screen that tells the passengers when the buses are coming. So we’re going to have live monitors identifying information for the riders. So that would be great. We’ll have people been able to sell passes for folks. We’ll have people who will provide him nation to the public.

It’ll look like a transfer facility.Because I’ve had somebody expressed to me that when they were on campus for the first time and saw the tents.They thought it was a special event that was set up. Now we’ll have a transfer facility that looks like a transfer facility.

2.7 million dollars of the project comes from state and federal grants. Permits are expected to be pulled immediately. Construction is expected to begin in May and last about one year. Both writers and staff alike will be happy to hear that unlike current temporary facility. The new transfer station will have permanent air-conditioned restrooms.

The Board of County Commissioners received its third annual report on the impact fee program for existing commercial redevelopment. The program was designed to help alleviate the growing problem of vacant office space around the county .

When an office building is constructed, impact fees are paid based on the type of business that will operate in the building. If a business with a more intensive impact chooses to move into that space. Then traditionally would have meant the payment of additional impact fees. That made leasing empty office space more difficult.

Doctors’ office is looking to get tenant space within an office building in the past when we didn’t have this program. They were required to pay the additional impact fees because a medical office has a higher rate of impact fees than a general office.

And they were required to pay that difference under this program. As the building is three years old or older, they can go into that space without the requirement to pay additional impact fees, the only exception being water and sewer.

The board accepted the report and voted to extend the program until March 24th of next year when it will sunset. The commissioners accepted and approved its list of 2012 federal legislative agenda and policy priorities. Amanda wood from the Ferguson group in Washington DC presented the board with a list of priorities that were divided into nine categories that included surface transportation, water and coastal infrastructure, Health and Human Services, Public Safety, disaster preparedness and Recovery among others.

Collier Focus talked about the value of having a lobbying firm Vance,our legislative agenda. A lot of other communities are coming to DC,requesting assistance from the federal government.Your representatives are elected to represent the interests of your community. So we assist them in working through those projects .

We’ve had a great return on investment for the county over the past five years. It’s more than seven million dollars in federal funding, over 20 million dollars in authorizations for federal funding. They are successes in a wide range of policy areas.

So I think the county definitely has received a return on investment. It’s important for you to have a presence in DC. You’re sending tax dollars up there. You have elected folks who represent you in DC. We assist those elected representatives and in pursuing the things that are most important to folks in this community.

You can view the entire Collier County federal legislative agenda on our website Collier The board approved and authorized the chairman to sign an inter-local agreement with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to facilitate and manage public hunting at Caracara Preserve. This plan has been in the works for several years.

We purchased this property in 2007. We’ve always anticipated there would be hunting on the property, which is one of the recreational uses. Because it’s adjacent to a large area of crew. That’s already be managed by Fish and Wildlife for hunting. We’ve incorporated this smaller area 368 acres or so 200 at our pasture.

That’s going to be part of their FWC managed W.E.A or Wildlife environmental area. People are going to be able to hunt turkey and hogs and have small games. It’s going to follow the same schedule as crew. All you have to do is to look up the crew W.E.A schedule.and get your permits.

The 367 acre Caracara Preserve is located at the eastern end of corkscrew Road. The Lord approved changes to the sable bay mixed-use planned unit development.Changes include removal of a golf course as a permitted use, addition of a car wash, post office docs and electric boats as allowable uses in the recreational village center tract.

Increasing the preserved by 45 acres, increasing in floor area ratio for adult living facility and increasing in height. Removal of affordable housing and removal of bald eagle management plant and gopher tortoise relocation management plans on the property. Sable Bay consists of two thousand four hundred sixteen acres and is located south of Thomasson drive, south and west of US 41 north and west of the Wentworth area and east of Naples bay inter-coastal waterway .

The BCC briefly convened as the Community Redevelopment Agency to elect Commissioner Donna Fiala to chairman and Commissioner Jim Caleta as vice-chairman as board members of the community redevelopment agency.

On the consent agenda, the commissioners authorized the advertising and future consideration of an ordinance amending,ordinance number 7516. As it relates to procedures for reconsideration of agenda items, this move was designed to give the board a chance to reconsider the adoption of the Immokalee Area Master Plan. After the deadline to approve the plan was extended by the state. The Immokalee Master Plan failed to get the four votes necessary for passage.

Demanding ordinance will be considered at the March 27th Board of County Commissioners meeting. The commissioners honored Collier 211 as the Collier County business of the month for March. Collier 211 is an information and referral service available to all Collier residents and visitors by dialing 211 or 263 for 211.

All eligible organizations are encouraged to register at Collier The database can be updated at any time by creating an account with a username and password.Now for more information about Collier 211, contact Mary Gorge Community Foundation, specialist projects director at two, three, nine, six. On March fifteenth, the bureau of emergency services conducted a practice activation of the emergency operation center. The practice scenario involved in early morning storms with possible tornadoes amounting to storm and fire damage throughout much of Collier County.

The exercise is designed to test systems and personnel and focuses on communication and interaction between local state and private enterprises. The James V Mud emergency services center opened in the summer of 2009. The North Korea recycling drop-off center opened last year. Residents using the facility are giving it rave reviews, not only for its convenience but also for how clean the drop-off facility is .We took our cameras out for a little tour at Collier County.

In a continuous effort to save valuable landfill airspace, the solid waste management department strives to find new and innovative ways to divert recyclable materials. The landfill preserve our natural resources. In 2011 the solid waste management department completed the new North Collier Recycling Drop-Off Center. It’s located at south of the intersection of good that Frank in Immokalee Road.

We’re excited about this facility.It’s been an amazing journey of collecting and protecting the environment. Our main goal is to keep as much household hazardous waste and recyclable items out of the landfill as possible.

So that’s what we’re here to do. We collect anything,from bulbs to latex paints,batteries. You name it, we collect it. As part of the tax base, most of those items for residential customers are free of charge.

So that’s what we’re excited about bringing those folks in collecting and protecting the environment. So saving landfill airspace is our priority.

The north collier recycling drop-off center is modeled after the Marco island recycling drop-off center is recognized as best in the nation recycling facility, for its ability to serve the community through recycling in protection of the environment.

The process of dropping off your items couldn’t get much simpler. How are you doing? What’s your zip code? It’s 3 4 1 1.

They’ll pull up to the stop sign. I’d come up and welcome them, greet them and ask them their zip code. We try to verify the zip code every time. It has to be a Collier County resident or a business or household hazardous waste or things like that.

The resident will tell me their zip code. I mark everything down that they have. We make a ticket and we log it into our SMS system. I put it away. I put the flammables with the flammables. The acids and bases get separated. Everything gets stored safely, in compliance with the codes and the rules.

Customers who we spoke to couldn’t be happier. We have a property management business.This works out for our customers. Because they all live in Collier County.They have excesses of paint and things in their garage. They’re not enough to handle it themselves.

So we’ll do that. We can bring it here. Like once a month, rather than saving it up for months at a time when we had to go farther in the Naples. So it works out well for us. But we used to get down to the airport facility to get rid of this cardboard.

We have a business and we get a lot of cardboard instead of recycling that down there. This facility was great when I came online. It’s closer to the office. We get rid of a lot of it instead of throwing away. The dumpster saves us some room, a little greener.

County staff realizes that some customers may be apprehensive to recycle electronic items containing private information. One of the goals to the program is bringing in those computers laptops, phones, gaming systems, even copiers.

Make sure that those are properly stored until we can have our vendor take care of it. In the end,we’re getting a certificate of destruction saying that they’ve recycled the materials or destroyed them properly.

The new North Collier recycling drop-off center provides increased recycling services for communities in the north county area by providing a convenient collection center for recyclable materials and household hazardous waste.

It is estimated that the North Collier recycling drop-off center will safely collect and divert over 600 tons per year of residential recyclable household materials for processing.For more information, you can go to Collier fassold for Collier focus.

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