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Description: This article is about Focus Collier. It mainly says that the living environment improvement of the Collier County and the specific measures and action to achieve that goal.

Welcome to this edition of Collier Focus on today’s show. We’ll take a look at the September 25th Board of County Commissioners meeting. An emergency beach renourishment truck haul is approved. And the board reclaims the county EMS department on its standard of excellence accreditation. I’m Troy Miller. It will cover these stories and more next on Collier Focus. Stay tuned.

Whether reporting on the latest news stories or hot issues, taking a look at county government or announcing what’s happening around the county. This is Collier Focus, bringing government home.

Collier County beaches are famous for three things.Picturesque Gulf waters, lots of sunshine and beautiful white sand. In order to keep lots of the white stuff in all the right places. The board moved forward with three beach renourishment projects including an emergency truck haul to some much-needed areas.

Natural resources director Bill Lawrence describes the three projects. There are two areas on the beach that have suffered severe erosion.

The way to build up the beach at least provides some height to the beach, which is to bring in sand through an emergency truck haul. So we’ll go into some quarries in the inland part of Collier County to get that sand.

I’ll bring the truck in and lay it onto the beach in these particular areas and. So we will try to catch those areas on emergency condition and we can do that by simply having the board declared a declaration of emergency for the beaches.

The second item they voted on was the key item. Because this was the beach renourishment project. And in the past, the board had given the staff direction to look at a 10-year beach renourishment plan, meaning that expected erosion rates in ten years that you would then lose part of the beach is up to your design.

And then you’d have to replenish it again. Because of the theme of the obligation of money that we received from the past federal government- FEMA, we lost about 11 million dollars

So now we have to be able to resize our projects and the beach renourishment project from a ten-year design to a six-year design.And essentially that means you will have six years of material on the beach protecting your design wits at post 10 years.

Third, it was to take a look at Marco Island. Marco Island has a 10-year design template. And so we’re looking at bringing that down to a six-year design. Making it consistent with the rest of Collier County beaches. And we can see perhaps out of two hundred thousand dollar savings with that redesign.

The emergency truck haul will go out to bid and will take around 45 days to finalize the contract. The proposed Immokalee Master Plan was on the agenda for the Board of County Commissioners.The board was expecting to vote on the item in order to meet the mandated September, 27th deadline.

After public comment and discussion amongst commissioners, District 5 Commissioner ,Jim Caleta made a motion to apply for a deadline extension once again. The board passed the motion for the extension 322 with commissioners Hiller and Hilling Deciling. Commissioner Caleta expressed his desire to have the newly board work on the proposed plan.

On the consented agenda, the commissioners approved the landfill tipping fees for fiscal year 2013. For the third straight year, Collier County residents will see no increase in the fees they pay for waste removal. Solid waste director, Dan Rodriguez, tells us that our low rates compared to level of service that are some of the best in the state.

Rodriguez went on to say that the residents themselves play a big role in keeping the cost so low. The residents of Collier County as well as businesses are some of the greatest recyclers. In fact, Collier County has one of the highest recycling rates in the state of Florida, if not in the top ten nationally.

It’s due to the comprehensive program that we have here in Collier County, but mainly through the support of residents who want to make a difference in preserving natural resources and protecting our environment.

This move adopts rates that will fund the fy13 budget for solid waste collection and disposal.The board awarded a construction contract incorporated for construction of parts of the lately area storm water of improvement project or L.A.S.I.P as it is known.

Now the L.A.S.I.P project began back in 2004. Today 15 of the 30 segments have been completed.This latest contract is for outfalls 3 and 4.The latest project is designed to improve storm water runoff in a very large section of eastern collier county. The county received six bids for this latest construction project and bonus incorporated was the lowest bidder.

The board approved a proclamation congratulating Collier County Emergency Medical Services for receiving accreditation from the commission of accreditation of four ambulance services, for its compliance with national standards of excellence.

Carter County EMS chief Walter Kopke explains what this very distinctive accreditation means to the general public. There’s a huge feather in our cap.There are 15,000 EMS providers in the country and we’re one of a hundred fifty two that have received this recognition.

It’s a step above the county and local and state standards that are imposed upon us.Most the regulations that they have go a step beyond, which improves patient care in the end and operations and makes it a safer operation to work in.

The chief went on to thank all of the EMT and paramedics who have worked on this achievement for the past two years. Congratulations to our threats incorporated on receiving the W.R.A.P Award.

For contributing to the greater good of Collier County by conducting business and an environmentally friendly manner,by promoting their green policy and the reduce reuse recycle messages through corporate management and staff. Thereby helping to prolong the usable life of the Collier County landfill. That’s all the time we have on this episode of Collier Focus. See you next time.

You’re watching Collier television,bringing government home. We’ve all got them hanging around the house, taking up space in the back storeroom ,that corner of the garage or the outdoor ship. Items can’t be thrown into the trash and can’t be put in the standard recycling.Items need a place. That’s not your way.

Collier County has the solution for items such as automotive fluids, poisons,car batteries and even paint. They have a recyclable future. They can all come here to one of Collier County’s recycling centers.

As you can see,our recycling centers are busy with people dropping off all sorts of items. Morning, sir, how are you doing? What do you have in the back? I’ve got some cardboard. I got some automotive batteries. I’ve got a computer monitor.

As you pull up to the office, you’ll stop and report the items that you’re bringing in. Your load will be inspected and any fees due will be collected. Sorry, all the items that you have in the back is free, OK? Then hold on here for a minute and I’ll get your receipt and then I’ll tell you where to dispose of this stuff.Thank you. OK.

You will be issued your receipt and directed to the areas where you can drop off your items. There’s your receipt for your item that you have. You pull up to the stop sign here. You’re going to make a right for the batteries and also electronics. Then you’re going to go toward the tall white canopy to get rid of your cardboard.

At the recycling centers, we accept both residential as well as commercial recyclables. Residents of Collier County can come five days a week and recycle a long list of items, gasoline antifreeze, used motor and cooking oil, vehicle batteries, fluorescent, lamps, latex paint, pesticides and pool chemicals . What a list!

And all of that is in addition to more standard items, such as, cardboard, newspaper, phone books, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, cereal boxes, glass, office paper and even metal appliances. Collier County even recycles electronics. So if you have wondered what to do about that old com uter,television, VHS machine or eight track.You can bring them to any of the recycling centers.

Colier County also has a dynamic recycling program in place for businesses. You can bring in cardboard, office paper, plastics, magazines, phone books, metal, fluorescent bulbs, oil and non-alkaline batteries five days a week.

The expanded recycling efforts for businesses includes hazardous waste disposal. Businesses can make an appointment to drop off their hazardous waste with a hazardous materials vendor here at the naples recycling center.

Hazardous waste can be grouped into one of the following categories, toxic, flammable corrosive or reactive. Some of the items that commercial vendors bring in are flammable, such as Eileen waterproofing, container full of turpentine,pesticides, herbicides oil-based paint, corrosives, any and everything you could possibly think of. They try to bring in,but is not acceptable as household hazardous waste.

The county provides the chemist,he analyzes each and every individual one.He’ll test it for eight to see if it’s an acid ,a base,a pesticide and segregative. According to the contractual agreement that is strictly between the commercial customer and the vendor who clicks doing the cleanup.

David, you have done this correctly on. Now if clean up your car wise, if the regulator’s come around and say, Where are all the solvents that you had in your back route,you say, I took it to the Collier County household hazardous waste site on the Monday .But they accept businesses and they gave me a receipt and it’s very important that you hang on to this now.

Because if a regulator comes around to the car wash or or any type of a code enforcement in your body,they say what happened to your back room full of solvent. You say what they took in here is the documentation for it. So it’s very important that you hang on to this.

With each passing day,more products or produce that can be recycled. So if you have items that can’t go into the standard recycling cart. Take them to one of the Collier County recycling centers. Recycling, it all comes back to you.

Collier County libraries are great place to feed your inner bookworm or dragon. If you wander through the endless bookshelves, you may find romance,you could get attacked by zombies or wind up in nerd camp. So after you get your hands on that page. You’ll need to check it out.

Then once you have finished with it. Don’t forget to bring it back to the library before it expires. And you start racking up dreaded late fees as fun as all of that can be. There is a much easier way to enjoy all of your favorites with downloadable ebooks and audiobooks. All you need is internet access, a valid library card and a portable device or computer.

People are excited to be able to use our downloadable ebooks. A lot of people now have portable devices like e-reader or MP3 players that they can use. And they report that it’s very convenient to use. And they’re very excited to learn that the library offers are free for them.

Public services librarian Kathleen Dolan demonstrates how simple the system is to use.You go to the website which is like this. And then you want to click on the link for downloadable ebooks and audiobooks which is here.

And when you click on this link, this takes you to the overdrive downloadable audio book and e-book page. And this is what the home page looks like. So to get started, you can either search by title or author.

How you would search as you’re going to get a physical book in the library. You can browse the different collections that we have.So I’m going to search for a title. We’re going to search for the fifth Horseman. When I enter my search,I get a list of results and these brief records will tell me a little bit about the book.

What type of format, if it’s either an e-book or an audio book. And it tells me a little bit of information about the book,including how many copies are available, how many copies are at the library.

We can see that the fifth Horseman e-book we have a few different formats.It depends on what type of device that you have. It depends on the format that you would pick. For example, we have Adobe e-publishing book.

I’m going to add it to my media cart. I’m going to click the link that says, add to my media cart. I’m going to click the link that says, proceed to checkout. Because I want to check out this book on my library card.

At this point.It is going to ask me to enter my library card number.I put all digits in front of my library card without any spaces. I click log-in. At this point it’s going to ask me how long I want to check out the book for.

It shows 14 days here. But for e-books,I can check out for either seven or 20 or 14 or 21 days. I’m going to hit “confirm” to check out.

Now you can check out up to 10 audio-books and e-books on your library card. I mean you can also place up to 10 requests for books.Now it sends me to the screen to download the book. I hit the download button to complete the process to download the book.

If you are not convinced that it’s easy to use.OK,Patricia will come and how to use it. She is not 14 years old.She’s 74. Today she is hosting a book club meeting at the library. It showed us the i-pad that she uses to enjoy her downloadable e-books and audio-books.

I love it. I think it’s very convenient. As I mentioned before, I’m an older person and I can do it. So I feel that anyone can. If you need help. Don’t worry. The library has the one you covered.We offer a lot of support through the library system.We offer classes for the downloadable. We also offer walk-in help periods at certain locations at certain times of them where people can bring their devices.

If they have computers,they can bring it in and we can show them on a more one-on-one basis. We also offer assistance at the reference departments at the regional libraries as well as the downloadable website which has an extensive help resource section.

So what are you waiting for! Visit a collier county library today.Or It’s better to go to Collier Golf net front slash library. Bill fassold for Collier Focus in. In a continuous effort to save valuable landfill airspace,the solid waste management department strives to find new and innovative ways to divert recyclable materials.The landfill preserves our natural resources.

In 2011, the solid waste management department completed the new north collier recycling drop-off center. It’s located in the south of the intersection of Frank in Immokalee road. We’re excited about this facility. It’s been an amazing journey of collecting and protecting the environment. Our main goal is to keep as much household hazardous waste and recyclable items out of the landfill as possible.

So that’s what we’re here to do. We collect anything,from bulbs to latex paints,batteries. You name it, we collect it. As part of the tax base,most of those items for residential customers are free of charge.

So that’s what we’re excited about bringing those folks in collecting and protecting the environment.So saving landfill airspace is our priority. The north collier recycling drop-off center is modeled after the Marco island recycling drop-off center is recognized as best in the nation recycling facility, for its ability to serve the community through recycling in protection of the environment.

The process of dropping off your items couldn’t get much simpler. How are you doing? What’s your zip code? It’s 3 4 1 1.They’ll pull up to the stop sign. I’d come up and welcome them, greet them and ask them their zip code.We try to verify the zip code every time. It has to be a Collier County resident or a business or household hazardous waste or things like that.

The resident will tell me their zip code. I mark everything down that they have. We make a ticket and we log it into our SMS system. I put it away. I put the flammables with the flammables.The acids and bases get separated. Everything gets stored safely in compliance with the codes and the rules.

Customers who we spoke to couldn’t be happier. We have a property management business.This works out for our customers. Because they all live in Collier County. They have excesses of paint and things in their garage. They’re not enough to handle it themselves.

So we’ll do that. We can bring it here.Like once a month,rather than saving it up for months at a time when we had to go farther in the Naples. So it works out well for us.But we used to get down to the airport facility to get rid of this cardboard.

We have a business and we get a lot of cardboard instead of recycling that down there.This facility was great when I came online.It’s closer to the office. We get rid of a lot of it instead of throwing away. The dumpster saves us some room,a little greener.

County staff realizes that some customers may be apprehensive to recycle electronic items containing private information.One of the goals to the program is bringing in those computers laptops,phones,gaming systems,even copiers.

Make sure that those are properly stored until we can have our vendor take care of it. In the end,we’re getting a certificate of destruction saying that they’ve recycled the materials or destroyed them properly.

The new North Collier recycling drop-off center provides increased recycling services for communities in the north county area by providing a convenient collection center for recyclable materials and household hazardous waste.

It is estimated that the North Collier recycling drop-off center will safely collect and divert over 600 tons per year of residential recyclable household materials for processing.For more information,you can go to Collier fassold for Collier focus.

You’re watching Collier television-bringing government home.

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