Lee County School District At A Glance Focus Lee County Com

Description: The article focuses on Lee County District, we may learn something about the advantages of the schools in that county, the reasons why students like their schools and the benefits to be acquired when studying in those schools.

In our mission statement, you’ll find that we are here to ensure the success of each student, so my vision is to create schools where children can learn how to be successful, to create schools where they are comfortable and safe, they can enjoy their school career in Lee County Schools to do all of that.

We need everybody on board, students, parents, teachers and community members work together, but that’s clear vision to create school district where students are successful in achieving, enjoying and learning.

We’re all having a good time with us, I am the proud principal of this rear primary school annex where we serve students in fourth grade and fifth grade, our students are the heartbeat of everything we do.

Let’s step inside to see why we have such a wonderful situation of the development, one of my goals for this upcoming year is to focus on each student and to be able to educate each student with what they need to learn and to be able to achieve better classroom teaching, better professional development, all of us including me continuing to learn all the time.

My name is Tracy Tate, I love working here with all the wonderful teachers that we have in a district, we are preparing our students for worldwide skills and instilling in their life straight, so they can become productive citizens.

The state of the district is in good hands with our wonderful teachers, I believe that our schools have improved, students were willing to work hard and our parents were encouraging that, our teachers were giving the extra time and making sure that each child progressed.

When you have everyone collaborate and work together, you will increase achievement we have for this fiscal year to make our school be an excellent school.

We need to make sure that all of our students have a goal and a plan for their life, we have any advice that you want to give the students for this school year to be the best, they can be academically socially to strive for greatness.

In July of this year, the instructional department presented a professional learning conference, the conference was entitled connecting the dots, it was the line to our theme for the year literacy across the content areas, the dots that we tried to connect were math reading and culture with the math connections.

We had various math in services that were related to the needs of our district, we had problem solving made for middle and high school students along with writing the second day.

Let’s look at what’s going on in our school, it is my goal to create a culture of learning within our building, I found that we have some outstanding students here, I think what we can do with it is collectively among teachers, students and parents.

If we can get the kids to concentrate on learning and understanding about the importance of transitioning from high school, the point of being great members to their community will be an awesome task of changing the culture within this school.

Another one of my goals was the student services department, we could monitor and assist with everything that sometimes interferes with student success, if students are not attending school as they should, that’s going to interfere with learning to establish the student services department to ensure that teaching and learning would continue in a better way.

We are utilizing research strategies, we are implementing our technology plan in moving forward, I invested in the arms winning with literacy.

I’m Angela Jacobs, principle of laura lee elementary school where we are creating a winning culture nervous leading through excellence, we’re a small school with a big heart, we all work together with faculty and staff for the success of all our students.

We engage our students daily through differentiated instructions to ensure their social and academic growth.

My name is Tiffany Charles. I’m one of the administrators that help with Project Lead camp. I see this one very well, it’s a good experience for all students in the county. I particularly like the uncie cameron part of it for the simple fact that kids are being exposed to things that they would not get exposed to the guitar lessons.

When students go back to school, they’ll be ready with the enrichment with reading and math, I think our kids will be more prepared if they can be exposed to the stem standards. I think it’s very good for our students to get a head start on what we need to improve academically.

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