Manatee County School District First Day Back to School Focus Manatee Com

Description: The article mainly indicates the scenes of the first day in schools of the school district in Manatee County, some representatives show the advantages of the schools and the reasons why their students adore the schools.

I want everybody in the district to understand and know that all roads lead to students in our classroom and everybody here in the school district and in a community has such an impact on our students.

I want us to come together and focus on how we can collectively and collaboratively build the best education system in the state of Florida.

We’re at the masky complex, it’s going to be a tradition in outlying years to come out here in the first day of school, school is starting, as our drivers leave matsing complex and go to pick up our great students and take them to the first day of school.

We have a great school district, we have great employees, we have a fantastic team, it’s the foundation that we need to make this school district one of the best school districts in the state of Florida.

We’re going to have a great school year, but we’re very excited about our school year, we wanted to share that this morning with our great team, that’s out there every day supporting our students in every aspect.

I always say that all roads lead to students in the classroom and it starts here at the masking complex, as our drivers get ready and move out to pick up our students, I want to be out there in the first day of school to welcome our students, welcome our great teachers, staff and administrators in our schools and to share this special day of the opening day of school for the school year 2013-2014.

It’s a complex endeavor, because it’s like running a metro transit system for a small city, we have a hundred and sixty three buses on the road 87, those are designated as special needs, students, buses, we use about thirty seven hundred and fifty gallons of gas per day.

3.5 million miles of road are driven a year and twenty thousand those on average a day, 16,000 students ride the bus each day, the latest bus, because leave returns at 6:05 p.m. but the earliest bus leaves at 5:15 p.m., it’s an early day for the bus driver and the children.

The average bus ride time is 45 minutes, all of our buses are air-conditioned, they have seat belts and are designed for three passengers to seat, we are very excited that we’re able to offer to this opportunity for students and faculty, making sure that our students arrive safely at school and arrive on time.

They have a great day in the classroom and are able to learn well, the first day of school, it’s a lot of excitement for everyone, we always hear about how the students are ready to go.

But the parents, teachers and administrators have to be in that way, that’s why we’re out here greeting our bus drivers, because we want them to know they’re an important part of the team, so we’re excited for them, they will make that on the first day of school exciting for the children that ride their bus.

Today’s first day of school for Manatee County, our bus drivers are ready, our buses are ready, they’re pulling out a maths key complex this morning, I’m here to thank all of our bus drivers and to wish all of our manatee County students a great first day of school and a safe first day of school.

I’ve been through this process, I’m very seasoned, I’m here in support of all those families from kindergarten, preschool, all the way up through our high schools of Manatee County.

It’s so exciting to be here in the county and in our district, in our schools and you can see all the enthusiasm and excitement on the first day of school, it’s pleased to be here in this first morning, we’re moving forward as the school district, we’re making changes and transforming the district, so many good things that are happening at the district office and in our schools.

I got to every school this spring, when I came here as superintendent, I walked away with such a great feeling of all the great teachers and staff that we have in our schools, we have a great foundation to build a great School District, I want our students to be excited our parents, we are a school district on the move.

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