High Tech Gets High Grades in Nassau County Schools Focus Nassau Com

Description: This passage is going to be talking about the high technologies and the efforts which are being put in to the Nassau County school to provide better education atmosphere and conditions to students.

I would say that Nassau County has a great reputation that they deserve in terms of excellence in education. Nassau County, eleven out of the last twelve years has been an A-rated school district. We’re at over 90% graduation rate. I think the people make the difference, we have some of the best people who are committed, not only to the Nassau County school district, but to our communities.

They do a lot to make sure we’re safe and our grading standards are really high which is why we’ve been an A-school for so long. I can see how much everyone cares about the kids, the teachers, the community involvement, the willingness of people and businesses in the community to step up and contribute in any way they can.

We’re working very closely with many people within our district and without to ensure that we have the latest and the most up to date equipment while contributing the land for the school is a huge thing because that allows us to free those dollars up for other opportunities in managing and addressing the growth in the school district.

We need that new elementary school, and this is just a great way to get things started at Wildlight, it is going to make our system better in terms of having another elementary school. Technology is going to be the main focus for all of our schools.

Today we got a 3D printer for my digital arts technology, we started a robotics class this year, every classroom has smartboard capability, we have comprehensive high schools, we have 4 high schools, they’re all outstanding and each of those schools have some career programs in them.

We do have a joint use facility which is owned by the school district and Florida State College at Jacksonville and it’s called the Nassau Technical Center. Some of the programs are called dual enrollment so they actually achieve college credits while they’re here on campus.

We have not only Florida State College of Jacksonville but we have University of North Florida, we have Jacksonville University, and we have Edward Waters College. I think that it’s important that everyone have an opportunity to have as good an experience in education as my kids did.

We have elementary schools in Nassau county that are extraordinary, higher education and everything you need depending on your place and space in time at any moment

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