Nassau County School District and Cenergistic Partners for A Sustainable Future Focus Nassau Com

Description: This article is going to be talking about the energy program in Nassau County which is aimed at saving the energy and money by encouraging all the staffs and school teachers to pay attention.

Everybody’s faced challenges with regard to revenues, managing the budget and other things. We were always looking at ways to to reduce our cost in all areas, we did a lot of work with energy management systems, especially when we built new facilities or had major innovation or remodeling projects that occurred in a district and we felt like that we were doing a decent job in conserving energy and trying to contain our energy cost, but we were but we needed to do more.

I was skeptical at first when synergistic first approached Nassau County several years ago. Nassau County already had an ambitious energy program in place, I also was invited to go to one of the national training conferences by synergistic for myself to go, hear and learn what this was all about. And after going, I realized that there is a way to do things better than what we were doing before we hired synergistic.

I’m working to save money on our utility bills in Nassau County. The way I do that is to make sure that our equipment is running at optimal efficiency that we’re not wasting energy, my role is to head up that program to make sure that everybody in our County is aware that we are working to save our resources in Nassau County.

So everyone in this county is working at their own position and trying to save the energy and resource which equals to dollar saved. I can contact with them, give them a positive response on the things.

We can look at the cost, the data that is generated from the program that we have with synergistic and it then it helps us make adjustments, so I think the most important thing is to have that data and information that allows us to make good decisions.

I started the incentive program to be able to give back to the school because they’re the ones that are at the heart of the program, the way I did that is to set up a program where I can come here and see how their school was complying with the requirements of the energy conservation program.

Our energy specialist has helped us capture savings at our school, he has helped us when we have events to understand peak demand times so that we’re able to capture savings during those times.

It has become a part of what we do every day and our role is the role models for the students, when they see us do that, they follow along. The efforts that our staff took were reinvested back in to be able to support them, not just because we’re saving energy but because we’re through the incentive program seeing monies and materials come back into our classroom.

I think at our school it has made a difference because we’re saving money, we get rewarded in that way and there are lots of things that we need to use money for the students.

Up to this point, we have avoided cost of about 1.3 to 1.4 million dollars for energy expenditures in our districts since the implement, the program. Hopefully as we go forward, we think that we can continue to improve upon that.

I think that’s the biggest message to our employees, all of us need to work together in a broader context to understand that we’re trying to be good stewards of the money that taxpayers pay to support our school district.

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