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Focus Nassau County Schools Respond to Anonymous Bomb Threat

Description: This article is about Focus Nassau. It mainly says that a piece of unconfirmed news of bomb threat across Nassau County causes a panic for schools and students. Someone believes it, someone doesn’t believe it. But they all keep alert.

Concern for parents with children in school on Long Island after someone heard someone threatening to blow up schools across Nassau County. That person called 911 . Warnings went out early today. CBS 2’s Jennifer Mclogan live in Mineola. All of Nassau County schools, including colleges are under alert all day, following troubling threats before Thanksgiving.

Words from police of the bomb threat could not have come at a worse time for school superintendents. Some emailed and tested in the middle of the night. Others made robocalls, letting parents and students know the anonymous countywide threat to public and private schools in Nassau.

He had placed bombs in every school in Nassau County and was planning to detonate them today. Law enforcement said the information gleaned in a phone call which is unconfirmed and seems unrealistic. However, all schools were put on alert for suspicious packages or persons. The department stepped up patrols and physically visited each campus.

I think it’s concerning to be a hundred percent honest. I think the problem needs to be addressed immediately. I don’t think it’s plausible that someone could put bombs in every school in the island. But I believe that the police do a good job with making sure that the threat is taken care of and watched.

Schools perform security sweeps with cameras and guards checking perimeters and interiors. Some kept students inside for the day sheltering in place. In our analysis, we made a determination at about one o’clock this morning to send a notification to all of our parents and to our staff. Basically alerting them to reassure people that we didn’t believe that it was a credible threat, however we would increase our vigilance.

It was a Hempstead resident who overheard the alarming threat and acted out of good faith in reporting it to police. They say: “Especially around the holiday time”. I don’t think that it’s the most comforting thing to hear.

We clearly did not want to alarm parents, because we don’t think that this is a credible threat, but at the same time, we’re walking that fine line of keeping people informed.

The Intelligence Unit is monitoring social media, the bomb squad is standing by all trading information with the NYPD and Suffolk police in case. We’re living tonight in Mineola Jennifer Mclogan CBS 2 News next.

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