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Introduction to Focus Osceola County Catholic Schools

Description: This article is about Focus Osceola. It mainly tells us that Catholic school provides not only a great education on subjects but also a well-rounded experience, a protected environment and a building in faith.

The opportunity of a well-rounded education, I know they focus not only on academics. The students get a well-rounded experience where they’re getting special enrichment programs and then they get the spiritual aspect. So we’re getting enrichment of the mind, the body and the spirit.

I think it’s a sacrifice worth making for many reasons, one is because if you incorporate faith in your everyday education, they’re learning not only what they should be learning curriculum wise, but they’re learning skills to build their character that you aren’t finding anywhere else .

The phenomenal educational experience, great staff ,experienced certified, in addition to that we have the spiritual element which is necessary for my son at this age , it’s the building blocks to becoming a better man a better person in the future.

I think it’s given my daughter as sense of not only education but also a family environment. At Holy Redeemer as well as being able to learn about her faith. Not only at home as we do it , at the same time, to realize that faith is not only at home, it’s an everyday thing. It can be at school, it can be in the streets, it can be our family, can be with friends, classmates and everybody that we come in.

In a private school, you start to know who the other parents are, who the other children are and it’s not being part of a school, it’s being part of a community and outside family that helps raise your children.

I sent Jordan to Catholic school because I believe in a quality education, for me more than anything. I know that my student and my child have a protected environment where I don’t have to worry about her when I leave her. I know that she’ll be better off when I pick her up at the end of the day.

Above and beyond the actual math and science type of the education, the students also get the Catholic education with it. Every day begins with prayer and they get to go to Mass once a week and they have a wonderful homily that evokes the thoughts for them that helps bring the gospel down to their level.

I see the support that everyone cares about the kids, the staff and the teacher. Everybody is so caring and she consumes so happily.

I praise God every day that should come to school. Being able to have a distinction of right and wrong versus what anything goes in the other institution that is special. And since he is special he deserves that. So I want him to see that my mother thought that I was special to put me in this special place.

It’s not about trying to get through as much as they have to or fill up the entire day to get ready for some standardized tests. It’s about encouraging the inquisitive spirit of children. We choose to send them to Catholic school.

Because aside from the exceptional education that he’s receiving and he is having a faith-based education that was very important. We weren’t willing to compromise with the staff. The administration truly loved the kids that go here. They treat them as their own .

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