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Description: This article is about the independent school district which is named Pflugerville ISD. It starts from 19th century farming community, and now expands to 31 schools, it is going to add another two schools in Fall. Local people like the district and are proud of its growth.

Whether it is on the playing field, or in the classroom, or out in the community, Pflugerville ISD has always been on the move. We have so many people moving here every day every year.

I have seen that the number of students at the schools is growing.

I started a soccer program when there wasn’t soccer before. That only happened because of growth.

From its humble roots as a 19th century farming community to the rich traditions established throughout the 20th century to the rising tide of growth and expansion in the past two decades, Pflugerville ISD has always helped to pull the community together.

It is so special things of the community. Having a mixture of people both old school like mine and new people who are concerned, and you have to work together to keep things on the right track.

More people are moving here with more diverse backgrounds adding more to the culture and more to the diversity that we need to have our kids equip to know how to handle different people and different cultures and experience that while you’re still at home.

I would hope that what people see and what they feel is that this is a community that there’s a lot of involvement and there’s opportunity to be involved.

It’s past successes in academics, in athletics fine, and in Performing Arts, and other extra curriculum have brought us to this point.

Throughout my high school four years we never lost again. That was a big thing for the whole city and the whole community. They supported us well and it made everything more exciting with other support.

There were approximately 13 people in my graduating class in 1960 and today I have the honor and privilege of hand in nearly 1500 diplomas in May and June to our graduating seniors.

Now with 31 schools and two more to be added in the fall, PF ISD shows no signs of slowing down. Fortunately the residents of the district have always recognized the importance of its public schools that has allowed us to keep pace. That’s what a community on the move is all about.

When I first started, there was only one high school here in Pflugerville. Now we’re going to be opening up our fourth high school. It has grown and I think it’s only going to be beneficial to our community, because we’re going to affect more kids that way.

The one thing is that Pflugerville still has that family feeling. Each campus has its own identity and its family feeling, and then that expands to the whole district. As our classrooms and learning spaces expand, Pflugerville ISD community can be proud of its past, today and the exciting future that lies ahead.

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