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Description:This is the story of several Pflugerville staff who are working with different background of students. What they are doing is to help student to get confidence and speak out for themselves, and make lives easier and a better place at school.

My family and I came from El Salvador in 1980s. We were brought here on political asylum when I was in the second grade. When I came in, and I did not know I probably knew a couple of words and English. Some people either mocked you, or mocked your language. At home my parents were always very proud of who we are and where we come from.

Having lived through war, we experienced tragedy first hand of war. That’s the reason why we came here to find a better life for all of us. A lot of our students come from poverty as well, so I know what that’s like. It is what I can really understand where a lot of our kids come from.

As a duel language of educator, when I’m in the classrooms, I always tell students what you are worth. You have the language, you can read it, write it, and speak it.

I have a very unique job, and I love what I do because of what I am doing. I don’t work directly with students to deliver services such as disabilities. I have a hand in helping teachers to learn how to teach students with disabilities, and how to embrace differences. I don’t work directly with students on that aspect.

I do feel like I have a great connection with kids through meeting with them for their five or four’s and talking through how their disabilities impact their day and putting things into place.

Every time I see a student coming to a meeting, they’re empowered to advocate for themselves. That is what we’re doing at the district level, and at the campus level to embrace students uniqueness. Every time a student advocates for themselves, that’s a win.

I remember late last school year one family came in asking for some paperwork to initiate the enrollment of their kids, and they were coming from a different country. While we were filling the paperwork for them, I remember they are excited that their children are going to be attending schools in America and especially here in pflugerville isd. The father of children was so happy that the process was so easy he kept telling the kids you’re in America, we love America.

This year the Pflugerville ISD communications department launched the anonymous alerts app, which empowers students and parents and staff members to provide tips on bullying or any other safety issues at our campuses.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for kids to come forward and step forward against their peers or anyone else. I want us to have a tool that will allow students to step forward and let us know about anything going on to help them to make lives easier and the school a better place for all students.

In my position, I have to deal with families on a very personal level. I have to see how the child is qualifying for preak. One of the ways that a child can qualify or participate in the program is by the parents income or military status, this could mean that the parent was injured or killed in the line of duty. This could be a very delicate situation, because it can be very raw. It helps me understand those who are different from me. I hope to carry on and continue doing it.

It can be difficult for our students to embrace their culture while they’re trying to seek acceptance from others. Fortunately in Pflugerville ISD I hear stories of support from our dual language Department and how they empower our students.

I may hear stories of the encouragement, they offer the self-esteem. They hope to build the self-respect they helped to shape in our students. I will seek to gain understanding of those who are different from me. I will speak out against prejudice and discrimination.

I will reach out to support those who are target’s of hates. I will promote respect for people and help foster a prejudice free environment.

I recognize that respecting individual dignity and promoting inner group harmony are the responsibilities of all staff.

I believe that one person can make a difference. No person can be an innocent bystander when it comes to opposing hate.

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