Inside of The Forward’s Hightech Health Doctor’s Office at Portal. Com

Description: The article is primarily talking about some information about the forward health and how to get a whole bunch of information called your baseline of health, so you can start to look towards the future.

As you’re working towards living a happy and healthy life, so you first come into Ford, you start by walking up to one of these iPads to check-in what’s cool about this, it shows you your playlists of the day, shows you what you have to get through, so we take the opportunity of having you here to go ahead and get a whole bunch of information what we call your baseline of health, so you can start to look towards the future.

The first thing that you’re going to see in your playlist is that the body scanner is the first way we do. Why don’t we go ahead and hop over? I’ll show you how that works, just go ahead and take your left hand and lie it flat right there and then you want to slide two fingers into that and then usually with any two, in 45 seconds we get all this information and then that’s channeled straight into the exam room for you and your doctor to go over.

But it’s also sent down to your phone, so you have access to that information from now until forever. A few years ago, it’s somebody close to me and my family had a heart attack, what I realized is that the healthcare system is not really set up for success, it’s reactive as opposed to being preventative and trying to get problems before they start.

I think we can improve that, the next thing we do is that we take your blood, get you to roll up your sleeves and I’ll show you how we do it. I won’t actually take your lood, we use what’s called near-infrared light, it helps us look at exactly where the veins are, so we’re not poking around, all this information comes into this central system for you and your doctor to go ahead and collaborate.

You will always start by going through your active issues, so these are things you told us about last time, you told us about in the app and we review up with you, we want to do three things.

The first is that we want to get it out to more people which means filling this building more locations things like that.

Secondly, it’s arguably more interesting is more services, so we’re primary care, but every day we’re adding more and more things ,we’ve added women’s health and vaccines, we’ve built the pharmacy, we want to keep adding more and more services, so you’re not bouncing around the healthcare system that you can address it.

The third thing that we want to do is to make it more and more accessible, so you use technology to reduce the inefficiencies which allows us to lower the cost over time, so we can get this to every single person on the planet that needs access to better health care, we charge 149 a month, you get unlimited access, our doctors, our technology.

There’s no hidden fees and co-pays and you’re not afraid to engage your health, it’s much easier as much more pleasant. I can pull out my phone and just to ask a question rather than going to give it, it goes away and then it becomes a bigger problem, so one of the things that we realized early on.

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