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How to Get Activate Free Fox Sports Go Channels on Your FireStick

Description: This article is about Fox Sports Go Activate. The author mainly recommends a great video app to us that is P TV sports and gives us some tips to install it. It can provide all sorts of wonderful sports videos.

This is Larry, welcome back to today. Today I’m going to show you how to get your favorite sports channels absolutely free on your fire stick, your fire TV and other Android TV boxes. Lets go and check it out.

We are on the fire TV, home screen. In order to get our free sports channels, the first thing that we’re going to do is to make sure that we can allow our fire TV to side-load apps. So let’s go on to settings.

We’re going to scroll down and we’re going to scroll to device and we’re going to click device, from device, we’re going to come to developer options. We’re going to click that and we’re going to make sure that we have ADB debugging on and ask from unknown sources on, this is going to allow us to side-load apps and that’s what we need to do to get these channels.

Let’s go ahead and hit the home button to get back to our home screen, we are going to come to apps, we’re going to search for an app called fire DL, and we’re going to come to collection. We’re going to come to new releases and updates and we’re going to click that.

We’re going to scroll down and we’re going to look for fire DL. You’ll see it, go ahead and our mind sets open, because I already have it, yours will probably say git, it’s a free app, so you don’t have to worry about paying for anything.

Let’s go ahead and click on open to get that and now we need to make sure that we go to a website that’s going to allow us to get the codes that we need. So if you see That’s i d y M a t i We need to go there, so we can get the codes.

Let’s head over to that website, I’ll show you what the codes look like, I’ll show you how come back and show you how to put them in. So we are on the website, this is You can see, it’s very big, they want to definitely make sure that you know their web address.

When you get to the website, the home page, you’re going to see this, listing up. What you do is clicking fire DL, that’s going to open up. As soon as it opens up, you will see that, if you scroll down, there’s going to be a list of apps and there’s going to be a list of names next to it.

So you’ll see and what we want to do is to find the link or the code for the link that we want and this is P TV sports. If you’ll see 6 8 0 1 2 P TV sports, if you remember this, then you can put that in and we’re going to go ahead and put this in fire DL app. So let’s head back and do that.

We are back now and we saw the website, we got the codes that we needed, so let’s go ahead and put in the code and it’s going to be 6 8 0 1 2 and you’ll notice that as soon as we put it in, it gives us the full URL of the apk where the apk is located.

If you try this code from the video and it doesn’t work, make sure that you go to the website and put in the code, these codes do change and the code from this video may have changed. It may not work, you have to get the new code.

Let’s scroll down to download and we’ll click download, this is going to start downloading and you’ll see it’s very quick. Once it’s downloaded, it’s going to give us this installation page, so we’re going to go ahead and click install and this is going to start installing the app. So once we get installing, it takes 15 or 20 seconds. It depends on the system, but usually it’s done quickly.

You have the option of clicking done or clicking open. I’m going to say, click done instead of open, the reason why is that when you click done, you’re going to get the option to delete the apk file.

So once you have the app installed, you no longer need the apk file. The apk file is an installation file after you have the app installed. It takes up hard drive space on your device, so let’s go ahead and we’ll click yes to remove that.

We’ll click done and we’re going to go ahead and hit the home button. This is going to take us back to our home screen. So we’re going to go down to your apps and games and we’re going to scroll over to see all.

We are going to take it to the top of our screen, we’re going to click to the left, that’s going to take us to the bottom of this screen and now I’m going to click on PTV sports. That is the app we downloaded, so I’m going to click that to open it up, you’ll see, it’s going to give us a disclaimer.

It’s going to click OK and now you’ll see there is a section specifically for cricket fans, as a sport tab, we’re going to go ahead and click on sports and now we’re going to scroll down here and you can see all these various sports that are available.

There are beIN sports, there are all kinds of beIN sports. So if you’re a football fan, there is tons of stuff. You have select sports, you have star sport, you have Sony, ESPN and BT sports. There is all kinds of stuff on Sky Sports.

There’s WWE, there’s box nation, there are all kinds of Fox Sports 1 & 2, there are NBC sports. For instance, I’m a cycling fan, so I love watching Euro-sport, I can come over to watch Euro-Sport HD. I can click that, it opens up and my cycling is there. If I want to get out of it, I hit the back button to get out of that and I can go to another channel.

If I want to go to NBC sports, I can click on that, NBC sports opens up. It’s a commercial. You can see lots of sports channels, this is a fantastic app. You can see the app called P TV and it is great P TV sports.

There are all sorts of channels. It’s absolutely great, you can get Euro-sport, BT sports, Fox Sport, Arena sports all the BeIN sports. There are so many different channels and I hope you enjoyed this video.

If you know what to do, give it a big thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel and click bell next to the subscribe button. In that way, you don’t miss any episodes as I release them, I am Larry with today I feel Thanks for coming back to see me and until next time.

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