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How To Install Pro Sport In Kodi Watch Activate Live Fox Go Sports

Description: This article is about Fox Sports Go Activate. The author mainly provides some help for some people who meet problems in Pro Sport. He also tells us how to install Pro Sport and how to use it smoothly.

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about the pro sport lately, in regards to not working, there was an update pushed today. So for those of you who have managed to install it and have been asking questions, why it’s not working.

I hope you could try it out and see if it worked today, I haven’t tested it myself as I had mentioned, in a lot of comments, I ended up buying premium subscriptions like It’s a more reliable service and the quality seems to be better.

For those that haven’t installed pro sport, it’s no longer in the fusion installer, you’ll have to install the pod God repository, so whether you have it installed or you need to install it. I’ll quickly show you how to do that.

If you’ve got fusion installed, this is very simple, if you don’t provide a link in the description below where you can go install fusion. It’s very easy, I highly suggest you do it. Anyways, all we have to do is to use Fusion to install this, you scroll over to programs.

First, it’ll be the add-on installer, open up and go to repositories and scroll down until you see the pod god add-on repository. Open that, all you need to do is to select pod god repo, click enter and then click enter to install pod gov repo.

Let’s install it, it’s already installed in mine. We’ll do it again. You should have confirmation that it’s been installed. Click OK. Now let’s go back to the main menu and to install it from the repository. We go over to system, in system, we go down to add-ons.

We’ll have to go back, I had already done this. You’ll come to this screen, once you open up systems, it will be my add-ons available updates, install from repository. Because we installed the pod god reporter. We need to install from repository, so hit enter on this and scroll down until you see the pod god repo, hit enter and then we choose video add-ons. The add-ons is in the channel.

I have pro sport already enabled and installed. To install it, you hit enter and you should get an option to install, if you’ve got it already installed, this will pop up again. If you need to see which version you’re running, 0.53 is the latest version. I’m sure that will change as time goes on.

This video might end up getting a little outdated. Make sure this auto update is selected. Anytime, an update is pushed. It should automatically update on your Kodi box other than that. That’s how you install it.

I’ll quickly go back and we’ll give it a shot and see what happened. I haven’t tried this so long. I don’t know. Go to videos add-ons and it’s pro sport, NBA , NHL and NFL. I don’t know if the NFL game must be over. So here are some games in progress again. I don’t know how diligent the MLB is with some of these streams.

We’ll give it a shot. There’s baseball, so the streams are going to vary depending on where they come from. It pulls the streams from the reddit channels like MLB streams, NHL streams, NFL streams and so on. There are tutorials. I don’t know if I did one, but you can add your own.

You’ve got MMA streams and soccer streams. So the add-on should be updated for those that have been asking, if you have it installed, I hope this helped. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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