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A Review of Fox Sports Go and Fire TV App at Foxsportsgo Com Activate. Com

Today we’re going to do a review of the Fox Sports Go app on the fire TV, this is a major addition to the fire TV lineup, for a long time Roku fans have been proud to say that it has many more channels and apps than the fire TV does.

This is an app that is only available on the fire TV at least for now. I would expect it to come up to the Roku and other streaming boxes later. But for the moment if you want the Fox Sports to go up on a set-top box like a Roku or TV, you have to get the fire TV. We will take a look at what’s available here.

It does have live streams of all the sports available, from Spanish to your local network which means that there’s no on-demand content, unlike the ESPN app which brings you clips from Sports Center and highlights of games.

There is none of that through this app, which is something sorely missing. I hope they would add that in shortly, because that’s a really nice feature. But it does offer live content, the downside is that you have to log in to an amount of networks, the number of the apps which allows this on the fire TV is extremely limiting.

Some of the major notable exceptions are DirecTV, Dish Network and Comcast, some of the largest cable providers in the country for pay TV are not allowing the fire TVs, Fox Sports Go app. I know that the Comcast’s app will allow you to do it through the browser or through your tablet but fire TV won’t.

So I’m unable to show you it’s streaming any content, but I can give you an idea of what’s available. So NFL is included here, it is showing a playoff game for the NFL on Fox or there are one or two for the Fox Sports network in Spanish, and your local Fox Sports Network, for me, it’s shown in Midwest.

Now I’m out logged in, so it’s geo-locating my IP address. The downside of it is that if you’re using this when you’re traveling away from home and you want to watch your favorite Fox Sports Network, for example, if you’re in Florida, you want watch Chicago, it limits you because you’re not in the right geographical location, or you can go off to your Comcast or DIRECTV or whatever network you’re paying for.

Hopefully, it does allow you to do your home Fox Sports Network, even when you’re not there. It would seem silly that they wouldn’t, but I want to point out that it does seem to be geo-locating you based on IP address.

Here’s a women’s basketball in Texas at Iowa and another one from Alabama al Berman 10-4 versus Florida International. So it’s nice that it is like an watch ESPN 3 type deal, even though I may not be traveling around the entire United States, it will still show some regional games, I’m not sure how many are being limited once you logged in.

And it will show you different upcoming events, so you get an idea about what’s coming up, UFC ultimate insider and so forth. The app looks nice on log-in interface and it works well for us, but I’m not able to test it. So if you have one of the limited available networks on the 18t and so forth, give it a try, let us know what you think of the quality.

I know Fox Sports Azad go website is sometimes notorious for crashing. Hopefully, their Roku app works a little bit better. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments of this post or article. If you’re able to use it, you can give us an idea of the quality of the stream. We’ll love to know how close it is to HD, does it have a watch of ESPN3 quality with smoothness, or does it suffer more? Let us know, we’ll be happy to hear your feedback.

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