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Description: The article is about foxsportsgo. The author gives us some tips and pointers that will help us locate and catch crappie in the transition times on your favorite body of water. It is very important to locate the fish when you are doing the crappie fishing.

We’re going to do one of my favorite things on this week. We’re going crappie fishing. I love to catch those pan fish. We’re going to talk about a couple of times of the year when the crappie fishing can be very difficult. Hopefully we’ll unravel the puzzle for you. I love to crappie fish with a long crappie Pole. I am going to do that today and you get to go along for the ride because Fox Sports outdoors is on the air.

I’m glad you’re with us because we’re going crappie fishing. There are two times of the year when the crappie can be very difficult to find and catch. That’s the spring in the fall in their transition time. They’re transitioning to spawn in the spring and they’re transitioning out to deep water for the winter time in the fall. We’re going to go out today on one of my favorite crappie lakes. We’re in East Central Oklahoma. This is Lake Eufaula.

It’s a big sprawling Lake. It’s got arms and fingers and bays and ditches and canals running everywhere. It can be a very daunting place to locate crappie especially in the transition time of the year. Hopefully we’ll give you some tips and pointers today that will help you locate and catch them in the transition times on your favorite body of water.

While we’re doing that we’re taking you around the region for your fishing reports for this week from our expert team of insider reporters from lakes rivers and bays right where you live. We’re going to get that nitro boat launched out in Lake Eufaula Oklahoma. We’ll be out there fishing. Let’s get things started back at the FSN studios with your weekend planner.

According to this lunar tables both days of the weekend will offer excellent game fish activity. Peak daytime hours will begin in the afternoon at 1:53 on Saturday and 2:42 on Sunday. Expect the Sun to rise at 7:16 and set at 7:47. Evenings will feature a full moon on Saturday. We’ll be back with all of the current fishing reports from around the area.

Let me set the stage for you. I’m on a big long riprap here. That’s a big highway up there. I’m using the trolling motor to cover some water and set the stage for a finding where the fish are. I’m moving slow with my crappie rod. There’s one there. It is not a big one but a keeper. What you’ve got to do first is to find them.

In the spring the fish are going to come off the main lake. Out here behind me you can see an opening to the main lake. They’re going to come back in these bays the mouths of creeks and they’re going to sit there and they’re going to let their eggs,they’re going to wait for that water temperature to warm up. They will wait till it’s time to spawn and then they’re going to run up all that thick stuff. That’s where they’re going to spawn in that brush.

They are going to spawn up along the shoreline and a foot to 18 inches of water. Before they get there they’re sitting out here in open water,eating shad,eating bait you can catch them this way. What I’m doing is using this trolling motor and easing my way along. I’ve got about 8 feet of line out dropping it down and I’m in about 10 feet of water. I’m keeping it about 2 feet off the bottom. You’ve got a lot of water until you locate where the fish are. We’ll talk more about that.

There will be some great days followed by a cold front and it sets the fish back. If I were in Mississippi it is all about in Lake Grenada. The crappie fishing there is off the charts. A great friend of mine told me the story about all these great big truck caught on glow such as a chartreuse and orange glow colored piece of plastic around shallow cover. He said it was all big crappie staging up to spawn in Alabama in its Smith Lake. Smith lakes is on fire.

The fish were moving around the bank and spawning the swim bait bikes as well as the site fishing. Big weights to win tournaments. There are big fish being caught a lot of lipless baits a lot of bed fishing going on there as well. In Tennessee,huge5 fish limits at a tournament the other day. A team tournament had 5 that weighed 45 pounds to win it since outrageous fishery. Your fishing trips around the weather coupled a warming trend makes all the difference in the world. We’d love to see you here. I am at the heart of Kentucky lake. It is a special place known as Paris Tennessee.

It’s a place where fishing,hunting,dining,shopping,and family fun are all served to the side of southern hospitality. We hope you’ll join us soon and experience this world by the water. The style efficient is covering a lot of water because what you’re trying to do is find these open water fish that are not up against anything and not on any structure or cover anything.

They’re free-floating fish and they’re eating. I can show you on my graph but they’re eating a bunch of shad in here. Even though I’m only 8 or 10 feet of water I can see the shad. These fish are eating. There’s one there. I need to start using the net on some of these or I’m going to lose him. That’s a keeper fish. That is a female crappie.

How you can tell is I want you to look how fat her belly is. Those eggs are starting to ripen in there. This is a fish that’s coming into this Bay feeding up heavily. They’re very aggressive. They feed a lot when they’re on pre spawn before they spawn. So they go in there. Finally when the water temperature gets warm enough and those eggs ripen, they’ll go in there next to the shoreline and make a bed a bass dust to lay those eggs and the male’s fertilize it.

Then they’re going to transition back and you can catch them the same way and cover in open water by using your trolling motor to move the boat. I am not doing a lot of casting I am using a long rod nice and steady move with your trolling motor to cover a bunch of water and you’ll come across these fish and they’re not on bottom either. They’re suspended 2 3 4 feet up off bottom. You’ve got to experiment around if you can figure out what they’re doing on any given day. That’s a female there. There is a classic pre spawn fish.

That’s a decent fish. I’m going to have to use the net because I’m hanging on to him well enough. There’s another keeper. The hook came out of its mouth. There’s another keeper for you. I want to show you something. It’s about where these fish are. Not so much about what color you’re using or the technique you’re using you have to find where these fish are.

When they’re in transition headed to spawn or headed back from spawning or in the fall headed out to deep water,you got to get in the right location. I want to show you something here. If we can show you in front and to the left of us here. That is a spawning Cove. You can see that little point to the left,that is a place where those fish are going to go up there and spawn. What I’ve done is positioned myself outside the mouth of that Cove.

So I can catch crappie. That are both transitioning into spawn and I can also catch the ones that are headed back out and that is what you’ve got to do in the early spring late spring and in the fall time if you’re going to catch these transitioning migrating crappie.

We have got the new here with your Carolinas report this week. We brought it to you by the crazy sister marina located in Murrells Inlet South Carolina. We’re the leader in watersports along the Grand Strand for years and we can take care of all your needs when you’re in town,on vacation whether you want to hire a great charter captain or in a boat yourself or even become a pirate,you can visit our website for more information.

Let’s talk about the saltwater. We had a new moon. We’re coming up on that full moon. The flounder are going to start moving back into the creeks. We’ve got a lot of small fish in there. Now the bigger fish will start moving in. Get out and find those areas where the water warms up quicker.

You’re going to have a great time targeting flounder on live bait and artificials this time of the year. Let’s also talk about the trout. Taking what South Carolina has asked for a voluntary release of speckled trout after the incredible freeze that we’ve had. Make sure you release those big breeder trout popping corks with voodoo. You’ll have a great time fishing those grass banks in those deeper holes weirdos trout.

You can move over to the freshwater up on Lake Murray,it is having a great time down on the lower end of the lake. Now the fish are starting to school up. He’s still trolling some live bait on those planer boards and catching a bunch of big striper. You can get a good trip out of Jason. Let’s move down to Georgia and talk a little bit of freshwater fishing on West Point Lake as that water temperature is starting to rise. That full moons coming.

Those fish are going to start getting into that spawning mode. They’re already set up in that 3 to 5 foot of water. You can get out with a creature bait or a slow word crank bait. You can have a great time. This has been your Carolinas report brought to you by the crazy sister marina. Remember fish smarter not harder and keep your chaos organized.

This is something. This finesse fishing like this. These fish I’m getting dialed in what’s happening. I see the fish down. They’re suspended up off the bottom and I can raise my bait up to the level to see where the fish are. There is one. It is a good one. That’s a good one. That’s a female. There is a classic pre-spawn fish.

This fish is not moved in there to make a bed yet. Look at the belly on that one. Look how fat and rounded that belly is. That will make some grease stink. When you’re fishing like this on these transition crappie,you’ve got to be flexible and mobile. You can’t get locked into a spot. I got two rods. My brother has got one rod with two jigs.

I’ve got two more. So we’ve got four jigs in the water. We’re covering lots and lots of water up and down to locate these fish. One thing we are finding too is when you catch one typically. There are going to be a few more. They’re running in these little packs. You can see these little herds up and down here,males and females together. Obviously that one was a female.

You’re so used to being conditioned crappie fishing that the fish are always going to be on the bottom. This one is a decent fish. They’re finicky. These tare transition fish. When they’re not spawning and they’re up here roaming around in open water. They are hard to catch. There is one thing that I’ve done,we’re putting these in an ice chest. I’ve gone to a double jig rig,what I’ve done is I’ve tied a loop knot on the top jig.

I’ve used a real small jig that’s a 1/16 ounce bobby garland mogh low jig head and then about 18 inches below that. I’ve got a heavier head. It’s maybe 1/8 ounce. I’ve got the heavy one on the bottom. That holds it down and then the bigger one up top. It’s that sliding through the water column a lot of times. This one will be down closer to the bottom. If the fish suspend up a little bit,they’ll catch this top one.

That loop knots important too because it lets that jig head flutter it lets it float real smooth in the water. When you’re fishing open water you’re not jigging brush,you want it to slide through that water column smooth and that’s what this double jig rig does. I’ll show you the baits up closer when you’re fishing straight up and down vertically fishing.

The Sheepshead spot is in full swing. This is great family fun. The Sheepshead is going to two six pounds or plenty of them all around all the gas rigs and oil rigs in Mobile Bay and also along the Gulf Coast off a little bit offshore in those nice days when you can get out there. Patrick also says the bullet that bull redfish are loaded at dixie bar.

These are catching relief fish follow the birds throw in their baits and sometimes lures when they get going. I’ll take top water plugs when you’re fine with those schools. You need heavy-duty plug. Mirror lure top dog is one of the absolute best not only the great lure but it built tough so it won’t break up in the hooks. In Mississippi the sheep head fishing also is on fire. Others catching these fish along the bay front areas around rocks and docks and rubble.

In Southeast Georgia the near shore reef fishing for Sheepshead up to eight or nine pounds has been outstanding. The wedding fishing has been outstanding along the beach. Small pieces of shrimp on a very small hook stout hook will catch plenty of wedding to hook rigs work very well.

That’s a good fish. there we go. that’s a good one. That is the biggest one so far. Look at that big dude. Let me mention something. I’ve discovered something. I have caught several fish today that were suspended off the bottom. You’re so used being conditioned crappie fishing that the fish are always going to be on the bottom. They’re not.

There are so many fish that are roaming around suspended between the top and the bottom. In fact I want to show you a quick shot of this graph. All these fish that you’re looking at those are all fish by the way. Fish and scattered bait a little threadfin shad. Those fish are about eight feet down in anywhere from 11 to 14 15 feet of water. That’s the fish that we’re fishing for. This rod is 11 feet and so I’m measuring about that much. That’s about 8 or 9 dropping it over the side.

I am about 8 feet as far as the level goes. That puts my bait at that level where all those fish on that graph are hanging. They will bite it like that. Pay attention to what’s going on don’t assume that they’re always going to be on the bottom. Many times they’re not.

It’s time for the ask the pro question. This week Jason asks on a crowded lake how much room do I need to give to another anglers boat. When it comes to the distance that you give another angler,that gets hairy in situations because whether you’re fishing a point or whether you’re fishing in back of a coat,if you’re fishing against another angler and he’s in that tournament,you need to give him the same respect as you would as you think you would like to get from him,that could be boat to boat and that could be a hundred yards apart.

You got to remember they invert the fields on the Elite Series for raw. So whatever goes around is going to come back around. If you’re out there and you’re watching or if you’re spectating or if you’re out there fishing,the same thing treat others as you want to be treated as well. A safe distance is at least a good long cast.

If you have a question for one of the anglers visit our website follow the ask the pro league and send it in. This is week’s big catch of the week winner. We’re back at the boat ramp and it’s time for this week’s winner in the big catch of the week contest. Somebody gets their big fish photo on television. Here’s this week’s winner.

He is Matt Reed of Mobile Alabama showing off a 5.2 pound flounder he caught at Dauphin Island Alabama. If you’d like to be our next winner go to our website at Fox Sports and click on the big catch of the week box on the right side of the homepage,follow the instructions to send us your photos.

Here are some specialized items that you’ll need if you want to do some of the vertical drifting crappie fishing like we did. It begins with the Mr. crappie custom graphite 11-foot crappie rod. It’s a two-piece rod with perfect action for dabbling still fishing or vertical drifting like we were doing. It’s paired with the Mr. crappie solo reel again. It is perfect for this style of fishing. Now I want to show you the double jig rig.

We use some real bright fluorescent yellow line which you can get away with in this muddy water and I am going to you how to tie the loop knot which is the top knot on a double jig rig. If you want the lightest of the two jigs up top,you thread it through the lightest jig first,you take the tag in and pull a couple of feet of slack through,you grab both lines hold it with your thumb and your third finger and then wrap it one two three times around both those fingers.

Spread those fingers apart,stick that jig through,then pull all that all those loops off your finger. Hold them down about the distance from the jig you want them,tighten them down then you take both ends,the tag end and the main line you pull those tight. There you have the loop and then you put your heavier jig down on the other end about 18 inches below it and that’s the double jig ring.

We live in a victim culture today. Everyone seems to be a victim of someone or something. That makes all of us not responsible for our own bad choices and bad behavior. That’s a lie and a pitiful excuse. Not our society or our past or our parents or even mean people will make our future choices for us. We will make them. Now I’m not discounting that many folks have been through a living hell in their past. But freedom is what you do with what’s been done.

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