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Some Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Description: This passage is mainly about fun activities for kids. It offers you fun ideas to keep your babies or toddlers busy this summer including DIY’s, healthy snacks, sensory activities, outdoor activities.

I am excited because I’m doing a collaboration with my friend April. Most of you know her. If you remember, some time ago, we were both pregnant around the same time together. She announced her pregnancy before mine. Lien is a little bit older than Laci.

She announced a little bit before mine and when she announced her, I was thinking that I was going to do this soon too. I watch her videos like it was my job. I watched all of her pregnancy updates and her blogs. It is so cool to see her going through pregnancy at the same time as myself.

She is a little bit older, so I would like to watch her videos and like to figure out how my pregnancy was going to progress. I watched everything she was going through. I feel like in a way that we go through that together. We’ve been talking non-stop since we decided to do this video. I love her so much. If you’re having a bad day, go to her Channel.

What we’re going to do is to show you some fun toddler activities. I haven’t seen her video, but mine is on the cheap side. If you like me and you’re a mother or a budget this summer, I have some fun activities to share with you. That will be fun for your little one and good for sensory and learning and developing and all that kind of stuff. I’ve got a healthy snack. I’ve got some fun.

If you have not subscribed to April and you have been living under a rock, can I say that it is very endearing and very kindly? But if you have not heard of her channel, you must subscribe, because she’s amazing. I’m telling you she will make your heart happy. She glows happiness.

I said these were cheap and easy ideas. The first one is a regular old Chuck drawing painting. I got these little Crayola. It’s a chalk kit. I got it for 250 at Target, so it is cheap. It keeps her entertained forever. She has such a fun time.

She’s not doing any Picasso, but she is drawing down different colors and making different designs and stuff like that. It’s fun for us to do. You can do this in your driveway, on your patio or on the sidewalk. I put a little blanket down for her, because it is a little bit hot. Concrete is not that fun to sit on, but she has degree at doing this.

I wish that I could take credit for this text idea, but I can’t. I find this on Pinterest. All you’re going to need are some kid finger paints, some tapes and some freezer bags. What you’re going to do is to take these paints. I got these for $3, so this is inexpensive. There are 10 paints. I get the neon ones, because I figure that would be fun for her.

All you’re going to do is to open up this ziplock bag and then you’re going to put little dollops of whatever paint color you choose into the bag. I am picking some random colors here. I don’t use all of them. I use about five or six of them. I put a little dot of each color and do not make them close but not too far so that she can smear them together. As you’ll see, I’m adding.

There’s another thing I wanted to say. While I’m adding these in, you can put this on the coffee table, on a little kids table if you have one like a little activity table. I’ve even seen pictures of people taping these to the windows the light can shine through, so that is a cool idea. I ended up putting this on the coffee table, because it’s right after level, so that was perfect.

I’m smashing all the air out and sealing it up, then I am going to tape all four sides. I only take two sides and then she finds the gap and tries to pull it off the table, so make sure that you tape all four sides. She loves this. I can not explain to you how much fun she got from doing this. You know at the beginning, I need to show her what to do, but after seeing what I did, she likes all about it. She is in this little phase. She will kiss anything she likes, so you see her kissing it and this is lacy approved.

If you follow me on my blog channel, you have already seen this idea. This is the kiddie pool play area. I got this at Target for like $20. This is supposed to be our dining room technically. We pump this up and put some toys in there for her and some random shoes. This is such an awesome idea.

If you’re a mother trying to clean up after your kids, doing anything in the kitchen, making foods or answering a phone call, you need them to be contained for a little bit and have fun. You fill it up and they can’t get out. It’s perfect.

I love this idea. It is so funny and she loves it. All around this one is also a win. It also makes a good little father and maybe a nap tanning area. I said we pumped this up on Father’s Day and they both fell asleep there by the end of the night. It was so cute.

The next thing we’re going to make should be some popsicles. This is going to be such a little healthy snack. I use blueberries, pineapple chunks and mango. They are all frozen. I’m going to dump some of these into a blender. I do not have exact measurements at all. I decide to dump what I like into the blender, so I add about the same amount of each thing and then I take some rice milk and add that in.

I normally use almond milk, but this is all I had. It still turns out fine. If you’re going to want to add a lot of this, when you blend it, it’s a liquid consistency. You can pour it into your popsicle molds easily. Then you’re going to let it blend up until it is smooth and then we’re going to be pouring it into our little popsicle molds. How cute is this!

I found this popsicle mold on Amazon for like fifteen or sixteen dollars and I want the smaller one for a kid sized one, but I don’t know if I clicked the wrong thing or they sent the wrong thing. I fill this up with my fruit mixture and this is an easy healthy snack and perfect for the summer time to cool down. I made a huge mess and I had to leave it in because no one is perfect.

After that, you pop the lids in and make sure that is secure. Otherwise it can seep out. You need to make sure that you only go to the fill line, then you pop in the freezer for several hours. You can enjoy it afterwards with your little one and it’s a fun snack for both of you. She loves it and she wants me to try some of her stew. They are good and healthy for you.

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