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How to Login to G Suite Admin Console in 3 Smart Ways at Login.com

Description: This passage is going to be talking about three ways to log in to your G suite admin console where you can log in and do many things

Google Apps is a great product which gives you access to your administration console where you can log in and you can do things like creating new users, deleting those users or resetting their passwords, creating groups, even checking who is sending what kind of emails inside or outside your domain.

Now I will show you three ways to log in to your G suite admin console. First I will tell you how to become Google Apps administrator. The first step is when you sign up for Google Apps, as the first user, you automatically become Google Apps super administrator who can do anything in Google apps including deleting the instance.

The second thing is called a Google Apps delegated administrator which means if you signed up for Google Apps, if you are a super admin, but you are stuck with a lot of other things and you want to delegate your administration permissions or private privileges to one of the users in your team, you can delegate either all or some of your administration permissions and then that user becomes delegated Google Apps administrator.

So now I’m going to talk about how to access to the Google Apps admin console. If you are an admin now and you are logged into Gmail, one simple way is to click on this Settings icon and then you will see this domain link that means you’re an admin. When you click on this, you will be lending to your Google Apps administration console and you can perform administrator activities from here.

The second way is you are going to see this nine square boxes, when you click on this, you will find this admin icon here and if you click on this, you will be leading to Google Apps admin console. If you are going to use this frequently, you can have this icon on the top of your list but if you don’t, you can have drag it down.

The third way is if you want to go to Google Apps admin console even when you are not logged into your Gmail, go here in the browser and type admin dot google.com, click on that. If you are already logged in, you will be landing straight away to that main console; if you haven’t been logged in yet, Google will ask you to provide your login credentials including your email ID and the password.

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