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How to Use G Suite to Streamline Your Business at Login.com

Description: This article is going to be talking about some of the applications in the G suite offered by Google Cloud which is made to help you manage your business in an easier way.

I want to go over one of the tools that I recommend in the technology chapter and that is G suite by Google Cloud, if you’re familiar with Gmail or Google Calendar, it’s specific to organization. So I want to show you some of the ways that I use it in my business. As you can see, it’s an all-in-one suite, so if you’ve worked in a corporate environment, this is the affordable high level of tech support solution for your small business.

There’s Gmail, you have hangouts, on which you can do video conferences inside or outside of your organization, you can do chat on there and so basically it’s where you can connect and communicate. So you’ve got your Gmail, your calendar, Google+, social network, then you have Microsoft Word, Excel and Slides which is similar to PowerPoint or Keynote. So this is where all of those type of files are stored.

Then you have management control, if you let go of somebody, you need to freeze somebody’s account or if you need an add-in additional person, you’re fully in control of that. You can get access to all of your files on different devices and the key is that you can share them instead of downloading a word document, attaching it to an email and sending it to a team member and then that team member making changes, attaching it to an email and sending it back to you.

Anyone who has an Amber Hurdle.com email address has access to Google Drive and then I can decide who to share documents with based on the folder or based on the specific document and I could even control if they can just see the document or if they can edit it or if they can share it themselves.

As you can see, this is similar to a word document, now this is private to me, on the right upper corner, there is a share button, click on that and first you have to name it and you will get a shareable link. At this dropdown menu, there are some options, first one is anyone at Amber Hurdle Couching and Training can edit, comment or view this menu.

Then you can post it on public website, you can share with a link that anybody can access to, you can share with the people at Amber Hurdle Coaching and Training with the link or share with specific people, in this case, it is not public, only those people you choose to share with can see the documents without logging in, and you will have the fully control of whether letting them view, comment or edit. At last, you save that, copy the link, share with others or post it.

Here’s also Excel, it has all the same type of formulas, everything is stored in the cloud, this looks just like Gmail. When I replied to things, get things or I start an email, it comes from AmberHurdle.com. Here is a calendar, it looks the same as a normal Google calendar, but I can share access to this calendar with team members and then over here, you can see some of the other calendars, and you can add to it whenever you want.

Now you could also do Google Sites, on this you can create website easily. I use that as my company intranet meaning only people within my organization who have that Amber Hurdle.com email address can access this website and that’s where we store everything. You have to pay for it but it is not so expensive.

So this is what your admin control panel looks like, you could add or remove users, you can update your billing, there are different apps that you can add. Having everything centrally located like this provides continuity and consistency and it gives us a level of professionalism when we’re dealing with the outside world, because we have it together and it looks like we are an enterprise type level of business.

Let’s look at the pricing. I encourage you to invest for this, for the $10 option you get your business email through Gmail, shared calendars, unlimited cloud storage and you can archive different things audit reports $10 per user per month.

For the $5, you don’t have unlimited cloud storage but you do have 30 gigabytes which is still quite a significant amount and that’s $5 a month. So you can access to this with a small amount of money and never get lost in the shuffle of attachments or sacrificing your professionalism and company branding which your brand is very important, it’s what sells you, what differentiates you.

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