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Galaxy S5 Active and Galaxy S5

Description: This article is mainly about galaxy s5 active. This passage makes a short comparison between the Galaxy s5 active and the galaxy s5.

This is TK with TK tech news. We’re going to do a short comparison between the Galaxy s5 active and the galaxy s5. This T comes with TK tech news, and before I get started, I want to say that stay tuned to all of our coverage on the galaxy s5 active and the galaxy s5 prime as well as some other cool galaxy devices coming down the line.

There are some other stuff that’s not galaxy, so stay tuned for that. We will be comparing the galaxy s5 active up against the Xperia z2, the existing s5 and last year’s s4 active, as far as how water-resistant those devices may be.

But first things that you can see with these that both on auto brightness is that the galaxy s5 active has a little bit crisper of a display, now they both use AMOLED technology, so I don’t know what exactly the difference is. And the s5 active’s display is slightly larger. As you can see, it’s very different in size. It is very small, maybe this is a 5.2 as opposed to a 5.1.

We’re going to get official measurements and stuff of everything on this device tomorrow. So let’s get into some of the differences for the devices. Now this is the galaxy s5 and this is a Verizon. It’s either going to be a developer model or an employee model. That’s a hyperbola. It’s not metal. We can get this thing open and we can peel the plastic off this thing. You notice this one has the 3.0 USB port which allows for faster data transfer and faster charging.

The s5 active has a regular, if I get it open, it has a regular USB port. If I can get that to focus on that spot, you can see that regular 2.0 USB port and you have the microphone there. It is the same thing on the s5. The microphones are in the exact same place.

One of the other things that gets different is as you go around, the power button is a little bit different than the s5. The s5s power button is here, the s5 active is here. We can go around to the top of the device.

We have more similarities. The thing is that it has an IR blaster. As you can see, it also has a noise cancelling mic flip-flopped than the s5. And both of the headphones are here. One of the interesting things between the s5 and the active is that the active is thinner than the s5. I don’t know why, but it seems to be looking at the two devices.

If I slap them together, you can take a look at that. You have the hyper glazed plastic on the galaxy s5 from Verizon and on this s5 active from AT&T. You can see that it has a metal frame here. Now it is going to be the device AT&T.

As you can see, this is a pre-production device, it’s a demo device, it’s the device used for developers. There may be one or two changes, but I think it’s going to launch very soon. If you look here, it has the aluminum frame that goes all the way around. The device in rubber goes at the top and bottom of both sides of this device.

One of the other big differences between the regular s5 is that it has a camera dedicated and a camera shutter button, when you press it, it will fire and launch if we get it to launch from a dead. Let’s see if it works.

You’re going to make you unlock the phone, it will launch the camera app and it is a camera shutter button which has the half press. If we get a half press out of it, it has the half press and full press. So we’ll focus and take a shot. So that is a plus especially if you’re going to be using this thing underwater.

Next is one of the other big differences with this device. We will go ahead and peel it, we can see how more water-resistant it is by looking at the seal in the device. This thing is as compared to the galaxy s5. You can see the two of these devices and get that to focus. So now, most of the things are very much, they are the same of an antenna spot.

You have the antenna spot, there are a lot of internals which will hide up under this part of the device. Batteries are in the same place, cameras in the same spots for the most part, though this camera is a little bit more raised than the s5.

You have the heart rate monitor with the flash heart rate monitor. This one doesn’t have any respective tags, where you could put wireless charging. I don’t know if it’s built-in. We’re going to test it. We’ll throw it on key charger and find it out.

The biggest difference is that you’re going to find that between these two devices, as for camera shutter button and fingerprint scanner, the s5 has a fingerprint scanner, but the active does not. The active has a little bit more of a tougher design. I’d like to say there is no Samsung branding at the top. There is no Samsung branding on the back.

But I’m sure that will change three buttons in the front, which is similar to what you had on the s4 active last year. The s5 continues with the same thing. And the other difference I would say is the bezel. It gives a little bit more of a lip than the s5, and it’s very similar to the s5 prime.

Pre-production active device that we reviewed a couple of days ago, where the bezel sat a little bit higher. What’s interesting is that this device is thinner than both of pre-production device and the irregular s5.

I want to get into a couple of things, I will get into some camera competitors such as Harrison’s battery comparisons. We’ve already done a hardware test, a quadrant test with this and benchmark test. You can see that on the channel.

Now I want to get into some of the hardware differences between these two devices. Make sure that you click the thumbs up button. If you like what we do, subscribe to the channel for more eight 4k articles. When we can get them up of tech unreleased and more here at TK tech news. Thank you very much for reading, and until next time I will see you in the next one.

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