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Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Active Which One Should You Buy

Description: This article is about galaxy s5 active. In this passage, the writer makes a side-by-side comparison between a galaxy s5 and galaxy s5 active. And according to the different preferences, the writer tells us which one is better to buy.

This is Ric KY the android. Today we’re going to do a side-by-side comparison between a galaxy s5 and galaxy s5 active. Which one should you buy? This is a very interesting question, because they are very different in terms of look and feel.

The s5 has a shimmery white black or gold depending on which one you buy. This different pattern makes a nice grip. However the s5 active has a more constructional build. It feels more durable in the hand, it has a strong back plate and it is well built. It feels like on the bottom.

We have a capacitive button vs physical button, which is a preference. Now the differences are going to be very subtle between the two. Because they have a lot of things in common. You have identical screens, identical cameras and identical heart rate monitors.

So here is going to be the changes. We start off with something small which is at the bottom. Although these are two waterproof enclosures, they have a difference. The s5 active has a standard u.s. microUSB port, which is referred to as also micro USB 2.0 as, where you have a micro USB 3.0 port, now what exactly this does.

Because you can still plug in a micro USB here. Micro USB 3.0 is mainly used to transfer over files more quickly, and it gives a slight edge to the s5 in terms of quickly charging the device. So that round would go to the s5. However, to make up for that, the s5 active has one very nice feature as well. It is that you can drop it at a four foot range.

This phone is more durable for a reason, and that is because it’s meant to take a drop. And I’ve done it four-foot drop without hesitation. But I admit that if I will be higher, I’m not going to trust it one bit. So for that reason, you have to keep that in mind.

But the nice ruggedness built into it is definitely good. The other big difference between the two devices comes from their settings. Because the s5 has a fingerprint scanner built into it, which is missing on the s5 active.

However the s5 active has an active button, which is not present on the galaxy s5. So this is going to be a choice on which you like more. Do you like the security of a fingerprint scanner or do you like the ability to launch apps quickly through an active button.

This has been a great feature that I quickly enjoy simply by pressing the button to launch my camera or holding it for a long period to voice activate, from wherever I am on any app. So for those purposes, I like it very much.

In terms of being able to have a difference, which one that I have found is more valuable. Believe it or not, I use many passwords on my devices, so for that reason I have not been a fan of the fingerprint reader. Because most companies still do not have the fingerprint reader as a viable lock screen.

They make you have a longer password and deem the fingerprint which is not secure. So I can’t use a fingerprint for my business. So that’s why the s5 fingerprint scanner doesn’t appeal to me. I like the more rugged look of the s5 active, it is growing on me. I will have to say that I like the active button.

I have found myself using it on a daily basis in comparison to the fingerprint reader. I can use it for my private mode which I cannot do here. So for that reason, I am torn between the two. But if I have to choose one, I personally would choose the s5 active. I like the active button more and I feel that it’s very easy to use.

Now what’s the downside about going with a specialty phone vs a non specialty phone. You can guarantee that updates will come quicker to the s5 when comparing to the s5 active. We see this with the s4 series, the s4 keeps getting updates continuously, while the s4 active trails behind, including when you need to pair it to your SmartWatch.

So for that purpose, I hope anyone can pay attention to it. If you want the latest updates, if you want compatibility with all of Samsung’s ecosystem, you might want to go with the s5 instead. However for practical users, I see the ability of dropping 4 feet, and the active button is more substantial than a fingerprint reader or USB 3.0.

Which one do you think would you like? Does it come down to looks or does it come down to the features that they have? Please let me know in the comment section down below, and if you like this article, please give a like thumbs up. Thank you for reading. This is Ric KY the Android.

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