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Description: The article is mainly talking about gamestop credit card, we can see the ways to login this card, some introductions about the game, the interest rate and the money we may get when playing the game with the card.

Through the power of the Internet, this is Wii game, my weekly gaming news series in which I pick random gaming news, the craziest bit of news to come out this week is that Game Stop has decided to join the likes of most retailers and opted to do an in-store credit card.

The next time you go to Game Stop, they’ll ask you if you’d like to get a credit card, if you do, you’ll get between five thousand and fifteen thousand powerup points which are equivalent about five to fifteen dollars.

Could you do a favor of ignoring the fact that this credit card carries a twenty six point nine nine percent interest rate which is about double the national average, that means if you buy a single game at a sixty dollar retail price, you pay the minimum amount each month.

You could end up spending over a hundred dollars for that game, but let’s be entirely honest here, this credit card is not that much different from the credit cards you will get at any other retailer within the United States.

The interest rate is about the same, when I try to buy a game at gamestop, I’ll ring up your copy of titanfall, but first I got a couple of questions, did you know you could trade in your video games in a fraction of their value to put towards a used iPad? You can already pre-order madden 16 any pre-orders.

If you’re missing out on a fraction of the value, an imaginary credit would like to subscribe to a litter, would you like to sign up for our high interest credit card? My local gamestop is fantastic, they know me by name and they know when I come in, all I want to do is to buy a video game.

I think we could all agree the GameStop experience would be a lot better if they treated you the way patrick to me, you will have access to EA access and a lot of perks go with this, you get access to the EA vault which currently only consists of four games, but they plan to add more.

You will get early access to trials of games, you will get a 10% discount on any EA game that you purchase including any of the DLC, this seems to be a decent deal, there are some restrictions to the system, any of the games from the vault will have none of the DLC included and you have to purchase that separately.

The system is currently slated to be available on the Xbox one, in fact Sony has fired shots, they do not feel this system offers value to the customer and that means it will never show up on PlayStation.

My biggest complaint though it is that chances are brand, new games will never show up here, they call it the vault afterall, EA is worried about the bottom line, they never want to give a bet retail sale and that’s a big shame, because there are a lot of yearly titles that could benefit from a subscription service.

If you’re still paying for in-game items and DLC, this is a good idea, we have to wait and see, the final bit of news that I want to talk about is the PlayStation, PlayStation is a streaming service in which you can read video games and stream them directly to your device starting with the PlayStation 4.

Today I was very pleasantly surprised, it worked very well, especially for opening day, I had no problem streaming my game, I had very little latency.

There are a lot of things to be hesitant and careful about, but at the end of the day, I’d love to see on the system, it’s exclusively PlayStation 3, but since PlayStation launched without too much problem, it’s a decent service that works well.

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