How Do You Use A Capital One Credit Card to Get My Offer Com

Description: The article introduces approaches of using capital one credit card which can offer the users to keep away from the debt and save money. The author also tells us the top tip to keep the credit score high.

I’m going to show you how to use a credit card, a few people say that nobody ever taught how to use a credit card or if only they had known how to use a credit card when they were younger, they wouldn’t be in the situation.

So today is your chance to understand. We’re going to be getting into a visual. At the end of the article, I’ll write my top tips on how to keep your credit score high and everything helpful, so you can stay out of debt.

The whole point of a credit card is basically used, it accumulates your points and you can fly around the world for free, depending on the types of rewards card that you’re going to have, because you definitely want to get some rewards from using the card.

You might get a cash back incentive where it’s a voucher that sent you at the end of the month, I get one from Costco and the credit card provider, so I get two separate ones from them.

I get air miles on a personal credit card, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can get mileage with business cards. So the whole point of using credit cards is that you use them.

The mistake that a lot of people make is that they twist it around and credit cards use them, they are the credit card companies that get rich and make billions of dollars as Canadians, because we’re not making good choices when we’re using credit cards.

Let’s take monthly expenses, this is a 30-day month, on Tuesday, we refuel the car which costs 60 dollar, we go out for lunch on Friday, because we’re packing our lunches from Monday to Thursday, whether coworkers and we spend $25, we get some groceries on the weekend and we spend another $180 again.

I’m using random numbers, we have to fill the car with gasoline again on Monday, then we’re going to deal with a dentist appointment or something that are our regular charges and incur in your day to day life.

They’re not extracurricular activities, it’s what you need to live to carry out your daily function, so some people have argued that you need a credit card to live.

If you have to have a credit card, you can use it collect points for your daily expenses so that you can fly around the world for free carrying on another.

On Friday, you decide to go out with your coworkers, you do not need pack lunch which cost $30. Maybe you want to go out after work for a couple of beers with some friends, and you spent another $40 sitting around chit-chatting for a few hours.

It’s Saturday night, it’s date night, you’re going to go out with the missus and maybe have dinner, and you spend $90. Come around next week, maybe you go to the family cottage, and you have to refuel the car twice which costs $120. Or in that period of time, it’s wintertime, you go night skiing, you spend 120 dollars.

Later on this week, you skip the after-work beers, would you go out again with your coworkers cost another $30? We rented a groceries, spend another $220 in groceries and then we carry on through the week and we refuel again for another $60.

You have another appointment for something else, another $10 in parking. On that day you carry on through the month with a few other expenses.

Your Netflix expense in your cable bill and a bunch of other things such as gym membership that cost a lot from the credit card. There’s your Netflix, your internet service provider things. It’s $120 all in and you fill fuel another time.

These are all things that you’re going to need to use basically, take care of your regular expenses, it offers convenience, you don’t have to walk into the gym and pay $25. Things like your internet service provider gets money from your credit card.

You don’t have to go to a bank and create a draft or check or money order and mail it to them, they transfer from your credit card, so there are the luxuries of tapping when you refuel your car.

It is useful and helpful, so those are the regular monthly expenses that you would need to live. But now I do not enjoy the date nights, because they’re not necessities, and you want to do the same thing with taking the kids out to the ski hill.

If you do a couple of date nights, another $120 for dinner and movies and maybe dessert, what else could you do for fun that may not present itself as a regular monthly expense.

You want to go to the LCBO and get a big case of beer, you’re going to get some ribs, because you want to do some barbecuing. You spend an extra 200 dollars to entertain some friends, because it’s your turn to host at your house.

So that’s an example of how you can use the credit cards, let’s add this up, it is fourteen hundred and sixty dollars, which is not a small sum of money, but you put your gas in it, your groceries, your utilities, gym membership, extra gas from traveling up to the family cottage, taking the kids tubing down the ski hills, a couple of date nights, a few cases of beer, ribs and wings, you’ve been to LCBO and got your stuff and fuel your car again so that might be a regular month for an average Canadian.

Now you might ask yourself, so how do I use credit cards well. Your billing statement usually runs on a 30-day cycle, with most credit cards are usually due between the 24th and the 27th of the month, so I’m going to go online.

My statements is usually around the first week of the month, I’ll create a bill payment online with my online banking. It’s fairly straightforward, once I’ve created that bill payment, it’s automatically going to pay on the date.

Now if the bank which issued my credit card available for paying on the date, it’s due. If I’m dealing with my Costco card, it is issued by a service rider. I’m not going to mention the name of the Bank of the credit card company, but it’s not with the bank that I deal with.

I usually make sure that paid one to two days before, so there are no late charges. If it’s due on the 25th and I set the bill payment for the 25th, they may not get that payment on the 25th, it might arrive one or two days later which would be a late payment.

You might incur interest charges or penalties, it could negatively affect your credit rating. So keep that in mind if you’re dealing with one of the big five banks, and the credit card issued by the big five bank, you can pay it on the date that it’s due, but you can automate this process now.

The whole idea is user card for your charges, collect your points and fly around the world for free. You’re paying off the bill in every month. Now let me make this clear you’re not entitled to anything, because you have a credit card in your wallet.

It doesn’t mean that you can spend $2,000 on a big screen TV and a mancave setup or handbags and shoes. Whatever luxuries or anything that, you think that you deserve, you don’t deserve them if you don’t have the money to pay off the bill in full.

You want to see a credit card as cash, all it does is delaying. When you take the cash out your bank account rather than applying cash to your payments. Throughout the month, all you do is taking the cash at once on the due date when it’s due, and then you pay down what you borrowed against the card.

There are no interest charges, you get your full points for free and at some point, you’re going to be able to utilize them for a trade-in for reward flight travel accommodations or renting a car.

You might have said that how you use credit card, top tips for having a great credit score, so you don’t have any detrimental issues with your credit rating, because what we do is getting people out of credit card debt, we’ve been doing this for a long time personally, but in the credit collection business for almost 20 years.

We’ve settled a hundred million dollars worth of debt and helped thousands of Canadians. I’ve got a little bit of experience in this one. I’m giving you this information, because I’m not coming from a place of inexperience. This is something that I’ve seen. It’s a pattern or a trend, not doing this will make you in debt. At the end of story, follow this and you won’t be in debt.

Top tips for managing credit cards and keep a very high credit score now in this scenario. We’ve got fourteen hundred and sixty dollars, one thing that you always want to make sure is that you never charge more than 50%. Holding this down 50% of your limit, so that’s number.

One reason why you never charge more than 50% of your limit is that as soon as you go past the threshold which depending on the credit card issuer, they all have their own algorithms and rules, and cookie cut one out to let you know that’s exactly how it is.

But my experience is that if you charge 50% or less of your limit, you’ll be fine. Anytime you go beyond 50%, if I was regular to charge and spent $1,500 a month on my card, I manage my budget, I’m good with money, I’m not going out of bounds, I’m not spending $3,000 for my own pleasures and then I have to carry a balance forward, that’s what trash is credit.

I’m managing my budget, so if I keep it around $1500 a month, I need a card with a limit of $3000. It’s as simple as that, so never charge more than 50% of your limit is top tip.

If you carry a balance, you’re going to be paying from 19% to 28.8%, and in some cases, it is credit card companies that can unilaterally decide to increase your interest rate, if they don’t like your payment habits or the fact that you might have or might be carrying greater balances on your credit cards. So never carry a balance, always PIF pay in full.

Thirdly, always pay on time, if you do your due date, pay by your due date, there’s no security with credit cards, they don’t offer any kind of asset to your well being.

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