3 Classroom Activities to Do This Halloween

Description: This passage is going to introduce you Halloween activities, showing you how to do Pumpkin Patch Brain Break, Fall Math Match Game, and Festive Halloween Crowns which can play with children to make Halloween more interesting.

This is the teacher created periscope. We will start in a few minutes here. I want to get everybody a minute or two to join us and then we’ll get started. This is Stephanie. I’m with teacher-created resources and thank you for joining us today. We’re going to do three fun fall activities that you can use in your classroom. I hope that you can enjoy this.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and it’s warm. The coolness in the air, the warm colors, the pumpkins ,the fall leaves and time with family make fall be one of my favorite seasons. We want to show you some activities that you can use in your classroom.

We’re going to first start with this physical activity, fun pumpkin patch. These are the materials that you’ll need. I’ll show you some close-ups of all these great activities. For this fun activity, you need some mini pumpkin accents, fun pumpkin the large accents, plastic craft sticks and a hay-bale. I purchased the hay bale at my local craft store. It’s great, because it is on sale and perfect for this. If you’re unable to find a hay bale like this, you can use a floral foam form.

What you’ll do is to take your mini accents and a facet craft stick and adhere your classic craft stick to the pumpkin. You need to make sure that it’s double-sided. I’ve got a double-sided pumpkin here and you’re going to hope these down into your hay bail or your foam floral foam. You’ll learn to do about 25 of these. What happens is that each one of these craft sticks represents a physical activity that you can do classroom.

Whether it is outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. You can do a brain boost when you’re waiting in line or you’ve got some extra time in your classroom such as you finish something fast or you need something to to fill some time. This is a great brain booster and what you need kids to do is to come up and choose a pumpkin. That pumpkin represents a physical activity.

On this list, I put my activities on a chart that you can either hang or post somewhere in your classroom. I pulled my green pumpkin, so we’re going to run in place for 15 seconds. Then you need a timer that maybe is on your whiteboard or in your classroom.

You’re going to run in place for 15 seconds and then you can have another student come up and pull another pumpkin. It’s a great brain boost activity physical activity and you can do something to get those kids moving. They’re healthy, so that’s very important for our kids these days.

The next activity that I want to show you is this pumpkin patch math game. I use for this on some fun border. This is a great game that can be put on a bulletin board, underneath your whiteboard, on a table or on a chart .I’ve used our pumpkin accents, border, some ribbon and black and white clothes pins.

What you’ll do is that you put your answers on these leaves. I’ve put my math problems on my leaf accents and the answers are here on my pumpkins. You will write on your addition or subtraction multiplication and division. You’ll have the students turn over the pumpkins or the leaves and they will pick a leaf and then they will read the fact and then find the answer.

I’ve got a question, so I’m going to come over here and match my answer with my pumpkin. My next one is 4 X 4 plus 4, so I’m going to go over here. I’m going to find the answer. I don’t have it up, so I’m going to pull another one. We’ve got 2 plus 5/2 plus 5 and I’m going to attach it to my answer.

It’s a fun activity. There is a little different, because we’re using some fall materials to get those kids excited about fall. I’ve used pumpkins, fall leaves and some clothes pins. great little activity to use in your classroom.

Next activity that I’d like to show you is a fun Halloween crown. You can use that for parties. If you don’t dress up for Halloween, it is something great that you can use. I’ve used double-sided border here. These are our Halloween accents from Susan widget. I’ve used scallops border, so you can use a bunch of different materials that you may have in your classroom. Here are our accents that I’m going to use today. I’m going to demonstrate this.

What I’ve done is that I have taken my border and shaped it to the students head. I’ve stapled it. You can glue or tape it. From there, I’m going to put my fun little accents on my headbands. You can also use art materials. Give the kids some art materials, glitter jewels and ribbons that they can add to their little crowns to make for themselves. It’s a fun little activity that you can do and a great thing that kids can personalize their own Halloween crown.

Those are the activities that we want to share with you today. I hope that you’re able to find something that you like and you’ll be able to take back into your classroom. It’s been fun for me and I love the fall colors such as the purples, the oranges and the greens. Those rich colors make me happy. I hope that you’re able to get something out of this.

I’m going to follow up. I’m going to show you some of these great activities. I bring them over here to show you again. This is the pumpkin patch hey Belle which is our brain boost game. You’ll see the pumpkins and the craft sticks when you put these in here. You need to make sure that the color is not showing so that the kids don’t see so that they’re surprised by the color.

These are our craft sticks these plastic craft sticks. They’re great for using them over and over. You need pick those up there and you can use them over. You can write on them. Here’s the poster that I put together our activities on. They can see them and be able to do them whether you’re doing them in small groups or big groups.

Here are the math facts. We use the pumpkin accents, the leaf accents and the black and white clothes pens. I’ve put it on my edge of my table with some border and some ribbon. You can use that either on your whiteboard or any little space in your classroom. I know space is limited in precious and classrooms, so find a perfect spot for that and add some pizazz to that math fact game.

Lastly we made fun little Halloween crown and this is made out of double sided border. It’s a fun way to do something a little different for Halloween. We’ve got some great glowing new glow-in-the-dark wristbands. They are for Halloween, so I want to show you mine.

Hope you can enjoy this fun little activity as much as I do. If you have any questions, please feel free to join us on Twitter and ask those questions on Twitter or Facebook and email us. We’ll be be happy to answer any questions. If you have any ideas for future article, let us know.

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