Halloween Activities and Games for Kids Maple Leaf Learning Club

Description: This article is designed to show you Halloween activities, introducing principles for making Halloween more interesting and some fun Halloween games and activities for kids such as haunted house, find ghosts, feed the monster and chute the Halloween characters.

I’m Marty from Maple Leaf learning. I will show you some of the activities that we did at our Halloween parties last year in case you’re looking for some ideas. Before I get into the activities, I want to give a list of some rules that might make it easier for those of you who have never planned a large party for children.

Number 1, separate the kids according to age. I realize that with some small schools, this is not always possible. But I find if you make parties with children of a similar age, it’s much easier to come up with activities that are appropriate. The kids will have a lot of fun.

Make name tags and teens. In our parties, everybody gets a name tag and every party has four teams. Last year we have the spider team, the witch team, the ghost team and the bat team. By creating teams, it makes it easy for you to separate children quickly.

Create stations to break up large groups. Sometimes when you’re doing a party with many children, it’s very difficult to find activities to do without keeping the children waiting while the other children take their turns. If you make teams, you can break the children up into different smaller groups and playing different games at the same time.

Number 4, prepare prepare prepare. I can’t stress this rule enough. Prepare means everything, such as the decorations, the name tags and the time schedule of each game. Make sure that you have enough candy for every activity that you’re going to play. I hope that these guidelines can help you. Let’s move on to some activities.

Finding ghosts. For a more detailed description of this activity, please click the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Monster Ball. It’s quite simple to turn any game into a Halloween game. By simply replacing the ball with a monster, the kids have a fun new Halloween game to play. At my school, the children get a candy for every time with a basket.

Haunted house. We make one of the rooms scary and we cover the floor with Halloween toys and shredded newspapers. We sprinkle candy around, turn off the lights and give all the kids flashlights. They have about 10 minutes to find as many candys as they can.

Feed the monster. You can make anything into a Halloween game, as long as you take time and do preparation to make it fun for the kids. Every time they feed the monster, they get a candy. Chute the Halloween characters. This game is more appropriate with older children. You can buy these types of shooting guns at toy stores and sometimes even the dollar shops.

Stick some characters on some plastic bottles and let the children take turns trying to shoot the characters. Every time they shoot a character, they get a candy. If you don’t like the idea of using a gun, you can change it to a ball. This is more appropriate for younger children.

Instead of playing musical chairs, why not make it more Halloweeny and play musical gravestones. Simply make a bunch of gravestones using some colored paper and play the traditional game. Don’t forget that no party is complete without cake and drinks.

The Halloween dice game. For a more detailed description of this game, please click the bottom right hand corner of the screen for a tutorial video. It wouldn’t be Halloween without trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, in Japan, people don’t go trick-or-treating, but we are lucky enough to have a large building as a school. There are many different doors to different rooms, so we improvise and do our own style of trick-or-treating.

I hope this article can be helpful for you and can give you some ideas for your Halloween party. I’ll end the video with one of our kids favorite games. We like to call it Halloween body Junkin. It’s difficult and long to explain the rules. It’s probably much easier if you watch the kids play and figure it out for yourself.

Thanks for reading. If you’re looking for some fun Halloween songs, check out our Halloween CD spooky spooky Halloween songs for kids and don’t forget to subscribe, happy Halloween. See you next time.

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