Hatchimals Purple Draggles Hatching for Phoenix Birthday Egg at Walmart.com

Description: The article is about hatchimals sold in walmart, the content mainly focuses on Feeny’s birthday, we can see some information about his birthday such as the birthday present, the surprising egg he receives.

Today we are starting the day off by going to the store, because it’s Feeny’s birthday, we’re going to get him some presents and stuff Caitlyn’s here, that’s still there.

If you want to see more things that went on today, make sure you head over to Kaitlyn’s channel and watch her vlog, I think I’m picking my nose, I’m doing that all the time, we are here at Starbucks Kaitlyn has gone in to get her drink, then we are going to head to Walmart to try to find Phoenix a natural like his own natural, because the kids got one from aunt Lexi and they lost their mind.

It’s good president to get him and he got some money from Nana and from Grandma Helen and Grandpa Danny, so we’re going to take that money and we’re going to use it towards getting him a half moon.

So let’s do that now and we’re here and there is a huge selection of Hatcher moles usually they only have three at a time, so I don’t know, spare you the expert, there’s a blue spotted aide, have a shimmering draggled, there’s blue and yellow, so shimmering Drago.

I wonder if there’s a hack to them, if it is more blue, I feel like if there are more blue spots, it’s going to be a boy, if there are more yellow spots, it’s going to be a girl, so we decided that we’re going to pick one, we’re going to get him a dragon train.

We don’t know whether it’s a girl or boy. I tried to look it up, but I tried to look up, if you could tell, if it was a boy or girl, but all of them say you have to open it first, so I think it has something to do with this spots though, because they have some of them, have more blue spots, some of them have more yellow spots.

I think it has to do with it, if it’s a girl or a boy, I feel like there’s a hack to it, so we’re going to get some wrapping paper and then we’re going to go to a different store to see if we can find the hatch smells with the egg carton.

I’ve seen in videos, so that’s the next goal, we might have to go to Toys R Us or something like plenty room for other soap, if we find anything else, wiped out, they have the big ones now and then.

Now the small ones are gone, it was the other way around, so now we’re trying to figure out where else to find the map, we can go to the Walmart here, Highschool hatch abilities, so we’re going to have to try a Walmart next and probably Target.

I doubt whether they’re going to have them at the other Walmart since they even have in this last one, now we’re at Target and it’s like a two-story Target and it has its own parking garage, we found them and the fun ones are wiped, so every target is sold out of the egg cartons like everywhere in San Diego, so that’s the end of this.

If it is sold out everywhere in target, that means Walmart sold out everywhere androids are get up early, get those hatching moves and then they’re sold out, they don’t even know when they’re getting shipments, we’re going to put together.

Feeny’s present is doing a vlog, don’t you get a shot of me throwing this down, so put it down and then open it, why do you do it behind the scenes?

I’ll show you how to do it here Caitlin, how do you want it to be? You take it from the middle, you pinch it and then you go and then you take it and you stick it in like this.

We are going to get a minute, we will give you something, are you ready for your present? I got a popsicle, it’s a blogger in sunny blog section, what do you think of that? What is it?

It’s a baby hatch Amal and it’s a dragon, it’s beautiful, I see your click or you tapping, it’s got yellow and blue spots and it’s sparkly and is free little baby nested words baby know what this reminds me of that chicken thing from Jimmy Neutron, what’s the name?

Femi likes magic and when he does magic every time, it’s revealed every time, where is it? This is a pocket, let me see him, so I can take him out, happy birthday to Feeny, you got your birthday, Olive Garden. I got all that, all Mellie’s going to feed you.

Kaitlyn’s goal was to feed us for a week, happy birthday, this is chocolate sauce, you want to dip it, that’s chocolate sauce, I mean this is the chocolate, that’s raspberry, this is chocolate, this is so good, this tastes like a pop-tart, she’s trying to rob this place and she got double minutes, she looked crazy grandma who like kicked everything home gets double mint.

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