Hatchimals Surprise of Owlicorn Toys R Us Exclusive at Walmart.com

Description:The article is about hatchimals sold in walmart, it mentions the emotional surprise. It tells us a story of a birthday and we give a name to the thing in the blanket which is amazing.

We got back from the tire pressure and went to sprout and came home to a giant box on our porch. It is huge. Do you see this, aunt Lexi sent us this giant box.

I knew that she was sending us stuff, but I did not think it was going to be a big box.I know we live on Facebook right now.

Look at all this stuff, seeing you are insane. Did you love us too much? We love you too .Once everything and rather good. The whole thing watch what is inside of it was that necessary to go for. No life is giving me more babies.

Why do I think these are going to be their lovers so perfect? What do you think?

I want to know what it is. Is it a bookie? No, it is a blanket.That is soft. Their first lights sore hats and moles.That is a good one. Open and go for it. For everyone but the Mine craft.

Do not change your favorite cup.You made her so happy. We will do that. Can we bet here? Open this last present together, can you open that on? These are eggs. Though make it, get cry everywhere.

This one is out, how do you know though and this particularly comes with a bonus crystal nest.

It is random and you will get one of these. You do not know which one,but one of them is. I am one of you, do you know? Let me ask the questions. How do you know whether it is a girl or a boy. Because this one on the left side is a boy and this one on the right side is a girl.

So blue and pink colors. That is a little bit matching matter. They have different colors, you never know it is a surprise you have a random thing, so you can get a girl or a boy randomly. It is having a baby you never know what you are going to get.I cut tape up.

listen to me.This is a huge responsibility. It is like having a pet. You take care of it. It is another crystal nest. Be gentle with it, because there is a baby. It has already happening. She is hatching first.

This is cool. It feels very comfortable.I am going to look at that. It is very cool. Don’t pick it,have a name for the boy and name it speckles for a girl. We could name it leering Strauss’s glittering roses messaged with blurring garden roses. That is a perfect neighbor and I did not call her Rosie,little Rose glitter honey.

I love this nest, it is so cute. Sophia,I can see her. I think it is a nice boy.It is pink and it is a girl. I knew it is a boy even it is going to be a little rose. What do you want from your finger mother who is getting there. My camera is going to die. You want to pull off.

She was singing Happy Birthday song while we were going to take her. He is wrapped up here though she still picked in happy birthday that is such a little precious thing. It is an alicorn in the way which is whispering to me. This toy is a Furby. I won 100% alive and get Furby which is a dance party.

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