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DIY Giant Walmart Hatchmails Bath Bomb Surprise Toy Hatch How to Make Hatchmails Bath Bomb

Description: The article is about hatchimals walmart. The author shows the readers her weird bath bombs, you can see all kinds of cute animals by breaking those bath bombs. She also teaches the readers how to make it.

What’s this? what is in the ghost? welcome back to my channel, if you are brand new, be sure to hit that subscribe button below and become a member of the sky squad if you subscribe on those by clicking the little bill next to the subscriber button. In that way, you never miss another content like this one.

I like my weird bath bombs, we have done a bunch of weird bath bombs. In the past, I had a black bath bomb, a giant rainbow scene Castle bath bomb. I will leave a link to those contents in the description below, Today I am coming at you with different types of bath bombs.

This is a bath bomb, that’s going to hatch, that’s why we are going to make a giant patchable bath bomb. I’m excited about this one. I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s something new with my hair. I decided that I wanted to do something.

So if you want to watch me do that thing to my hair. I logged it on my Skye’s family vlog channel. The link will be in the description below. You can see me cut it and dye it. I did everything myself. Let’s dive into the content, that looks crazy, that looks so weird, look at my face, this looks like a real life filter.

I’m going to put that to the side, we have some fun to do, since this is a giant egg bath bomb, we have to add real patch moles inside the bath bomb, hat’s real hatch. So I bought a bunch of these. There is also a golden hatch mole. I’m curious, I am going to be able to find the golden hawk mole. I hope so. We have 12 chances hto get the golden hatch mole, I don’t know I have a feeling that we might get it.

Give this content a big thumbs up, if you think that we’re going to get the golden hatch, which means you give it a thumb. I’m going to open a couple of these. What does it say? You rub the heart for the color change. This heart changes colors. That’s responsive, I’m going to keep rubbing the egg.

It says if I hold it, it’ll crack, so I’m going to keep rubbing it. That’s goodies like a real egg, that is crazy. Look, it breaks off, that is insane, how do they do that? Look at what we got, it’s a cute little owl. The ones which we get after this are better than this one. This one’s coo,l but I want a better one.

So here is another chance to get, the golden hatch, this egg has blue specks on it. I think that it might have a gold hatch molds. This heart is so cool, how fast it changes, this one is cute. As you can see, it’s like octopus and has a little tongue. This one is very cute, this egg has some red speckles on it.

Let’s see what we get this time, my hatch, I want to see it. We got a little donkey, this must be a donkey, it has a long tail, this is definitely not a horse, this is cute. I want to collect all the horses, zebras and donkeys. These are so cute. I’m having so much fun.

Let me know in the comments below, I don’t know maybe it’s a good idea, maybe it’s not. I need your input, I would love to do a giant hatch. If I got 100 hatch bowls, I would open them and try to find the golden hatch mole. .

I am going to guess the first hatch mode which we are going to get. This green, I love this one, so cute, this is a cow. This is the cutest one ever. The whole reason why I bought this pack is that I want the cow. I ended up getting the cow.

Now I have two cows, that’s cool. I don’t see the cow on this, that wasn’t a possibility of getting that one. You look at the cows from the farm collection. I don’t know why that was in there. I am not complaining.

Now let’s open up this one, I have a feeling, this might be the golden hatch. We have a little tiger, a little pink tiger, it seems that it has some crazy eyebrows. So this is a part of the jungle collection. I have all of these, I like this cow. I hope I get that. So I am going to save three of these eggs for my bath bomb.

We’re going to open one, the first one strikes out at me. So I’m going to open that one and get a cute Hodge mole, not an ugly one. I want the golden hatch. The one, I thought we are going to get at first, it’s a cute slithering snake, this is a cute snake. We didn’t get the golden hatch mole not yet, at least we still have three chances, but we don’t find out until I make the bath bomb.

It’s time to make our bath bombs, I will need one cup of baking soda, I don’t have a measuring cup, don’t ask me why. I’m going to use this as one cup. I think this is one cup, so half a cup Epsom salt, half a cup citric acid, this stuff is sour. This is the stuff that they add on to candies stuff . Jay and I found this. We ate a bunch of this, my taste bud was coming off.

If you want to watch that video, I will link it in the description below for the dry ingredients, I’m going to mix that up for our wet ingredients, we’re going to add a little olive oil and a little water. We’re not going to add this whole thing to it, otherwise our bath bomb will be too wet. It’ll activate and it won’t be able to dry.

We want to add enough amounts of liquid ingredients to our dry ingredients to make it kinetics, and you want to be careful, you don’t add too much, otherwise your whole bath bomb will be ruined, trust me, I’ve done it before, it gets foamy, it doesn’t look good.

As you can see, when I pour the ingredients, it starts to activate some of my dry ingredients. I squeeze this, it’s shaped, so that means that this is done. You don’t want it to be wet. I decided to add some of these cool colors to imitate the actual egg, this is 100% recycled paper and this is Easter grass. So we’re going to add a couple of those and then mix it.

I got this giant Easter egg from Walmart with two little eggs inside it, and I’m going to put some oil in and make sure that that gets along the edges, I can stick to the inside of the egg. With that done, I’m going to pour my bath bomb contents into my container.

As you can see, that’s not even close to the amount of bath bomb. I’m going to redo all these steps, maybe about four more times.

If you want, you can double or triple up the ingredients instead of doing it one time. Now I’m going to add my vegetables. I’m going to finish filling up my egg and I’ll come back to you, my bath bomb is ready. I’m dying in my bath bomb. It’s heavy, it’s five pounds.

I’m going to wait 24 hours for this to dry and harden inside the eggs, so I will come back to you tomorrow. I will see you in my bathroom, it’s going to be two seconds for you, but for me, it’s going to be 24 hours.

My cats have an unhealthy obsession with water. So here is my bath bomb and we need to crack it and see what it looks like, I’m curious. So I’m going to appear in the bathtub.

We are going to open the egg and see if it’s beautiful. It looks like a hatch, it seems that one person works hard. I don’t know what’s going to be inside, let’s see it. It’s very airy and fluffy, it breaks apart. I have to be delicate with the topside. I made this Balcom into separate batches.

The second batch turned out to be rock solid, the bottom is rock solid, the top is fluff and airy. It’s going to break, so I have to try and take this out without breaking. You also have to try. If you look here, it’s rock solid, it’s perfect. That looks cool, the body is perfect, the top is not so much.

Let’s put it in the back, remember to cap your favorite part of this content and tag beginning on its stamp, put it under the rocks and Nicole scatter. That will be a bunch of your pictures. You can also post your screen cap on twitter under the hashtag, I will give out of our hearts. OK, let’s put our bath bomb in the water.

I also like how the Easter grass turned out, I think this looks like a realistic version. I feel like I’m in a giant soda. The carbonation is real, I’ve been a giant soda, it’s so weird. My hat is sinking, they’re not floating. I am determined to have the gold hatch bowl.

No one knows that we’re hatching a hatch. I’m surprised that these didn’t break or get messed up in my giant bath bomb. It looks like a gold one. Did we get two golden hatch? I don’t think so, this is a golden hatch, it feels furry, is this one supposed to feel furry? This must be from the fairy collection.

I don’t think this counts as a golden hatch. I have so many bubbles on my leg. We still have two more chances to get the golden. I need to find where they are. We have three chances. I’m going to save this one for last.

Let’s crack this one, we got a cute tube hand, this one’s cute. I love birds, this one is so cute, next one, we got another blue one. So now it’s time that we get through golden hatch. I am so excited, we didn’t get the golden hats, but this one is cool. I like it, it’s a zebra. This one might be in my top three favorites. I hope that you enjoy this video.

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