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Opening 100 Hatchimails $200 Walmart Hatchimals Limited Rare Super Rare Finds

Description: The article is related to hatchimals walmart. The writer shows the readers a great content that she bought 100 hatch moles containing all sorts of cute animals and broke them to find some golden hatch moles.

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As you read by the title, I am going to open 100 hatch moles in search of the golden hatch moles, so you want to see a magic trick, I’m going to clap my hands twice, and all my hatch moles are going to be stacked up in front of me. I have 100 cases of hatch moles. This is crazy, many people were at Walmart when I was buying this, I was insane.

Let’s start our search for special editions of hatch moles, awesome hatch moles. I like the golden hatch moles. I wonder how many hatch moles are the same. I’m sure that I’m going to get at least five or ten hatch moles. Let’s break these hatch moles.

First of all, we got a little tiger, I’ve got this one before. I’m going to go ahead and take all the eggs out of the containers. We should have 90 here. We have the hatch moles that are already hatched inside of the packaging. We’ll look through these in one second. There are a lot of moles.

I have never seen many hatch moles in my life in one place. I’m going to count these eggs. I make sure that I have 90 here. If you want to count these, you can pause the content and count along with me. I make sure that I have a hundred hatch moles. Now I want to know how many you counted in the comment section below.

I did some math wrong, what a surprising site, I’m not good at math. There are 80 and there are 20 little hatch moles. So we have 100 here. Now we need to see what they are in these eggs. I organized 20 of my hatch moles. These are all common hatch moles. That’s why they are hatched at first.

I have my collectible guide of hatch moles, I’m going to mark all of the hatch moles. We start now. We got a cow which was at Macau. We also got chick which was here. It’s cute, I like this bird. We also got tiger. I think he is cute, I love that he’s green and blue and has a striped tail, he might be one of my favorite common hatch moles.

This one is called hip hatch, so mark that off , this cutie is called aunt Hagel. It looks like a little aardvark or anteater. This is the Birdie collection, so they look like alien birds. I’m going to check that one. Here are all the limited editions. These ones give us a feeling of fur.

We have special editions. On the back of this paper, we are looking for the golden hatch moles. Now we have 80 different eggs, we will open today. I’m sure that we will find the golden hatch moles. Give this video a big thumbs up, if you think that we’ll find the golden hatch. We’ll see you.

I’m going to open these eggs up first, I’m sure that you know how to open these eggs, rub on the colored heart. It changes colors, this is cool, then the egg starts hatching. This is a part of the birdie collection, it’s the pink one, this is a common one. Opening this egg, we got a loon, a Camilla loon, this is a common. We got a little duck, it is a platypus, this is also a common one.

So far, all we have are common hatch moles. This is a rare hatch mole, finally we got a rare one, that is cute, it’s the Golden hatch mole. This is a cute Ruby, this one might be one of my favorites. It’s a little rhino, we got a little snake, this one is a part of the desert collections, and this is a sand snake, it is a common one as well. We have a giant hatch mole. This is one hatch mole of limited edition. It’s furry, this hatch mole is so cute, that is one of my favorite hatch moles.

You got a fish, this is a rare one, it’s missing an eyeball, look at that, half of its face isn’t painted, it has pink wings, so that means that it is rare. This is a part of the forest collections, in the picture it has two colored eyes, and mine only has one side which is colored.

We got another hatched, another limited edition in hatch moles. That is insane, this is cute, this is a limited edition. Oh bird, it’s so cute, this one is magical, this one might be my favorite. It reminds me of the birds that I don’t have now. I want to pair it, it is so cute.

This is a common one and it’s a birdie, all the Birdies are common, this is a part of the forest collection. Let’s see what we got. It’s little, I like this one, he’s cute too. His name is owling from garden collections. We got this before.

So far, this is our first repeat and I think that’s good, I mean we opened a bunch of eggs, he is one part of the river collections, it is not the ultra rare one, this is duck. I get a golden hatch mole, no one knows, I hope that I do. If it’s not, that will be a waste of money.

A river collection, a beaver, but it has a platypus tail and it is eight. Maybe, it’s a beaver tail. I haven’t seen beavers for a long time, that is a beaver tail. Nicole, you need to learn river animals better. This is another desert collection. What is that, it’s supposed to be a camel. This is a cam lark, it is common.

Here is a birdie, this is supposed to be pink, but it’s a bright pink. The picture on this shows that it is light pink, not a bright orange pink, an interesting hatch mole. Forest, we got another howling. Ocean, this one is cute and it’s a rare, we have a rare octa peta. It’s cute, I like this one, this one’s cool, the color is rare.

So far, we’ve only got a rare one and a limited edition, we have not got ultra rare. Wait a second, I think this egg is white, so this must be a part of the snowflake edition, snowflake edition is special one.

Let’s see, my thumb is getting sore. A special edition, that’s cute. This one is snowflake, a humming bear. My thumb is getting sore, it’s red. Since my thumb is getting tired, I’m going to do a magic trick, something is going to magically appear in my hand, are you ready?

It’s a hammer, what I am going do with this hammer? I’m going to whack and open the hatch moles. This one is a little ugly, this is one part of the Guardian collections, it’s common and its name is bun wee. We have another women in addition, it’s the same limited edition which I have. Now I have two of the same limited editions.

We have this one, this is a whiffed, I forgot to mark that, but this one has an eye unlike the other one that doesn’t have an eye. What the odds are, the same one, pass. That is awesome, this is a limited edition, a magical Pharaoh, he’s awesome.

I hope that this is a golden hatch mole, I have a feeling, it might be, because it’s golden and it’s a Savannah. It’s is a rare one, this one is cute, I like this one. This is the Chi tree, this is an ultra rare, it has purple wings. That is crazy, we got another ultra rare platter Piper.

I see sparkles in this egg, this has to be a regular turtle, disappointed, we already have this. I got the same one again, a rare beaver Lee, we already have this one. What is this one? It has shiny wings. What is this one?

This is an ultra rare. I like this one, this is cute. I like the little moron, and we have a special edition. A crystal Canyon fox, this one is cute, it’s slightly transparent, it’s a crystal edition.

I’m going to go upstairs to my balcony and drop these hatch moles up to story. If they will be broken, I don’t know. I think they might not break, but if they do, that’s awesome, because my thumb is getting tired. My hammer is getting tired. I’m going to enjoy juggling these three eggs, because I am a professional juggler.

I’m going to catch, I have a feeling that the golden hatch mole might be in one of these three, and it’s special. I am going to make sure that one of these is a golden hatch mole. Let me go upstairs, I’m trying not to trigger my dog, because they’re here and they want to eat these hatch moles, these are not wise dogs.

These are my eggs that I dropped onto the balcony, they are cracked. This is a part of the forest collection, and this is a common one, a beaver. Which one is a special edition? We have them, we already have this one. Since I throw it, the sparkles on the wings are breaking off, we have another ultra rare.

We have a lot of hatch moles left, I don’t even know how many are left. We have been opening these for a long time, we have all these, this is our pile of special editions. Limited edition is rare. So now we are going to speed up and crack all these eggs. Are you ready?

They fly everywhere. We haven’t got this before, this is a little crab ,another snake, a little octopus, this is the one which I want to get. Special editions are always the hardest to open. I don’t have this special edition, it is a penguin.

I have 18 eggs now, I am going to be under timer and see how fast I can crack all of these hatch moles. I’m not going to worry about categorizing them. I’m going to have a speed test to see how fast we can do it.

I guess I’ll be able to open all of these eggs in a minute and 30 seconds. I want you to guess in the comment section below, how long you think it’s going to take me to open these eggs?

Here’s my crack screen, I’m going to start the timer, I’ll leave the timer here. Are you ready? Wait, I want you to click that like button with your elbow, this is the challenge of the day. Click that like button with your elbow, don’t click the dislike. OK, three, two, one, GO.

One minute and 15 seconds, one minute and 23 seconds, I can’t breathe now. So let’s see the damage here. What we get, we have a limited edition, it should be a yellow bee, a special edition, a crystal Beverly, this is a common one. Here we have another ultra rare one, we got a ruby, that is ultra rare, it has purple wings. We have a rare antal angle and a Tegel, another rare Chi tree. We have a bunch of ultra rare things.

We got two ultra rare armadyl arcs, look at its shell, it’s an armadillo. That’s cute. I see a lot of armadillos that have been hit by cars in Florida, that’s so sad to me. We have another whiffed, a special edition puppet, I love this one, this is a special edition, I’m kidding, it’s a common dolphin, but that is cute even though the wings seem that they are coming out of his ears.

We have two more Bertels. We already have a loon. So we only have 14 eggs left, it means that we only have 14 more chances to get the special editions, golden hatch moles. I thought we would have got these special editions by now, I can’t believe we haven’t had them yet. Hopefully, it’s in one of these, I don’t know.

I’m starting to lose hope, praise to get a golden hatch mole, that’s all I want. We got a narwhal, we got a Nara wobble, it might be my favorite one, look at that, that’s cool. What are the odds of getting another one, are you serious? that’s crazy. I like the tail, it’s like pink ombre, a crystal Canyon beaver.

We only have one more chance to get the golden hatch mole. Is this the golden hatch mole? I don’t think it is, I don’t think we got it this time. A common one, a bull. Are you serious? We didn’t get that golden hatch mole, are you kidding me?

Look, how many eggs which we opened, we didn’t get the golden hatch mole, that means we need to try and find the golden hatch mole in the next video. So here are all of my special limited editions and here are all my common hatch moles.

Let me know in the comment section below, what your favorite hatch mole? I think mine was this Narwhal, I think this Narwhal is cute. I also like this cute one, he is very cute as well. I love my furry parrots.

So that was a fun content. If you want more unboxing contents in the future, let me know. I’m still on the hunt for the golden hatch moles. I believe that I will find them one day, but I don’t know when to get them. I bought 100 packs and still didn’t find them.

I hope you enjoyed this content. Give it a big thumbs up, I will see you in my next content. I also go and check out my vlog channel, the link will be in description below.

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