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Ancestry.com DNA Test Assembly History Com Activate

Description: This article mainly talks about history.com activate, informing you things about Ancestry.com DNA’s kit and showing you the appearance of the kit and the method of using the kit to test your DNA.

Welcome back to Titus Man-Cave. In this article, I’ll talk about the ancestry.com DNA kit and show you how to assemble. This thing is extraordinary. I have never heard about it before. They will send you a kit like this. You fill it up with your saliva and it may send off to Los Angeles or somewhere they analyze it and analyze up to a thousand years of your ethnic heritage.

I don’t want to go into sob stories or abandonment issues. I am keen on doing one of these, because my mother left when I was young. I guess I can speculate what her heritage is. I jump at this opportunity to do it. They start to do in Australia as well. It was $100 when I did it. I’ve sent one. However it is a done one. It’s not registered or anything like that. It’s simple to show you how it’s done.

First of all, you get a little discovery which gives a sign up to ancestry.com. There’re also the instructions and so on. When you get your kit, you’re going to have to go online and register with your account. It’s so swanky. That is the vial. You need to fill up to that line with spits.

We’re not going to do that here, because I’ve already sent my one off. I will do a subsequent video with my results. It’s official and it seems like the things you’d get at a hospital. You get your little vial. You need to spit to that till the very top. You can’t eat or drink any alcohol or kiss anybody for about two hours before you do this test because that will contaminate the results.

Once you’ve got your spit in there, you get this little solution which will help keep the spit. Let’s pretend hypothetically. You can see the blue fluid mixing with the hypothetical saliva. Then you’re supposed to give it a bit of a shake for minutes. That’s done.

Ancestry.com descends a little cardboard box with this. You put you vial it straight in there and that’s all ready to go. In each kit, there’s an envelope. It’s easy for you to send this. They say that it takes about twelve weeks to process your DNA, but for me, it took only about three weeks. I want to show you this kit inside. It’s cool indeed, so feel free to have a look.

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