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Ancestry DNA Kit Full Process History Com Activate

Description: This following article is designed to talk about history.com activate It introduces you the whole process of using the Ancestry.Com DNA test kit step by step shows you the result of that test and explains the information in the result to you.

My name is Anthony Cummings. I’m an author and a historical researcher. My father and I are interested in the family history. My father’s more interested in the modern side such as post 1500s. I’m quite interested in how far it goes back and where it goes back and where we come from. Because of that, we have bought the ancestry.com DNA test.

Here it is. This is what you get. When you buy it, it comes in this little green package. I’ve not opened it yet, so I’m going to open it now. I’m going to have a quick read of the instructions and then I’m going to tell you what you have to do. Let’s go through the actual process of getting your DNA test. Open your ancestral DNA.

Keep the instruction card. I got a plastic sleeve, the DNA sample test tube with the barcode on and the box for sending back. It looks genuinely. Let’s have a quick look at this. Do not skip this step. You can’t get results unless you activate your test. I need to activate it. It’s easy and free.

Enter the 15 digit activation code from the tube. Fill the tube with saliva to the black wavy line. Replace the cap tighten to release the stabilizing fluid. Shake the tube for at least five seconds. Place the tube in the condition bag and put it in the mail. The only problem is that it was my father’s account. That means I have to wait till I go back to Manchester to activate it on his account. I will do that and get back to you.

I go to the DNA test site and I’ve got this thing. You need to put that code into this box and it will tell you what to do next. I’ll put the gold in there and I’m going to check it now. I’m about to fill this tube with saliva now. It says you can’t have the bubbles over the line. It’s called the barcode on the back. I presume that matches the actual code. No, it does. The barcode on the back does not match that code, so be careful. Don’t misunderstand that one.

I’ve done it. I screwed the cap on like that. I think you have to screw down and break it in the blue liquid goes inside. The tube is full of the blue liquid now. I’ve shaken it and it has mixed in with saliva. I’m going to send it away. Let’s see what species I have. I have to wait six to eight weeks for that to come back, so let’s see how long it takes. Today is the 31st of July.

It is the fifth of September. Let’s see the result of ancestry simple test. It’s an idea of what happens when you get your results. For example, there’re Ireland thieves and these are not my results. They’re examples. It tells you how they match their database. It also tells you if you can get connected with people on ancestry.com. It gives you the step-by-step rundown of how they do the actual science behind it.

I got the results from my father, because it’s all through his account. He bought it for my birthday, so they’ve sent me an email format. They give you an ethnicity estimate in fact. Let me show. It’s surprising. A couple of things have come up which I’ll explain in a moment. It’s great.

Ethnicity estimate for Antony Cummins. Here’s a picture. They are the areas I am from. There’s a bit of India. We’ll go through it. Africa, zero. America, zero. South Asia. That is the India one. It shows how much Indian I have. That’s typical native.

Europe is the actual main obvious result, because I’m European. Great Britain, fifty seven percent. If I click on it, I’m below the average of a person here. That’s because I have a massive 34 percent Irish. I have two Irish grandparents. One of them was direct from Ireland and the other one was the first generation in England from Ireland. Scandinavia, three percent.

Let’s come to Europe East. They’re Finland, Northwest Russia and the Iberian Peninsula. I am literally 99% European and 1% Indian. Most of that is from Great Britain. To be honest, I am 91% British Irish. I don’t like the idea that Ireland is separate, because it becomes a political thing, isn’t it?

It is a nice overview of where I’m from. it’s more simple than what I expect. This is where it gets complicated. It shows me images of Scandinavia and Europe. It starts saying this is where the English come from. For example, the Jutes, the Angles and the Saxons. There you go the Scandinavia and it starts the Germanic tribes. Here talks about the Romans coming across the Vikings and it says Britain is a massive mix of all these people.

Great Britain includes the Germanic tribes, so I’m confused. How many Germanic tribes are there in my DNA? How much Angles, Saxons and Jutes’ are there in my DNA? I’m Great Britain. I was born in Britain and I know that my ancestors are from Britain. The reason why I wanted this is that I want to find out how much the Germanic tribes are in my blood. That is not answered.

It says Great Britain and when you click on Great Britain, it says mixture of Germanic peoples. Does that mean I’m only 3% of the Viking ancestry or that Viking and the Angles and the Jutes ancestry before they come in there? I’m a little bit confused.

However, it makes me realize that the average person today in Britain has this mixture and the average person today in Scandinavia has this mixture. It isn’t giving me a detailed information on the history of my DNA, but it is not a disappointment. It’s cool, because I can now show exactly where I am on the system. Here gives you a basic overview for 57% Great Britain and 4 % Irish.

It also gives you DNA matches, so let’s view my DNA matches. For example, that’s my 4th – 6th cousin. I’ve got a research about how the 4th and 6th remove works. I think it can be from your grandfather and from your mother. These are fourth cousins whose chaps are related to me fourth way. I don’t know whether to contact them. I might wait to see if anyone contacts me.

It’s quite cool that it gives you them who are your physical cousins. Let’s view this chappies. Let’s view the matches. It doesn’t put me in it. I don’t know why and I can’t click on any of them. It tells me about they are all related but it’s not showing me how I’m related to them. Let’s see this beautiful tree. I like this, because it is private. It shows me that I am connected, but not how.

Get it done. It’s awesome and I enjoyed it. It is a great present. It has a great foundation. I put this on Instagram first and my friends sent me a link to let me try this one. It’s about $200. I’m interested in my ancient history.

I know my history up until about 1700, because my father has gone through all the parish records. In our family, there’s one unmarried woman. We’ve got the family history branch here. I’m interested in getting back to where I come from as far as it goes.

I would like to know how much of a Roman influence I have, because some English people were pushed out of England. How many Welsh are there? How many English are there? I’m going to try another one in the future. I enjoy it. I’m going to go on finding more sophisticated ones and go deeper and deeper and compare them.

I hope that you can enjoy this article. If you’re interested in the ancestry kit and going through it, I can’t guarantee how effective it is, but it’s worth doing. It’s a good fun process. See you next time.

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