House Committee on Un American Activities Hearing in Washington DC HD Stock Footage

Description: This passage is mainly about house un american activities committee. Morrie Ryskind takes the oath and gives his testimony. He speaks about “Quisling” organizations. He asserts that the communist party in America is operating under the auspices of a foreign government.

It is against the truth, the whole truth is about nothing, but the truth can help you to make it into the order. Mr. Ryskind, would you state your full name in present dress please? I realize fully the tough job that you have. I think we all believe and want to protect our civil liberties, and I see the danger.

But I also feel that we don’t get the bill of rights in order to protect quislings. I think if we’re going to spend 12 billion dollars or whatever it is to contain the Communists in Greece, that we ought to spend at least a couple of bucks over here and do something about that, what is good is that it is doing it and not getting rid of it.

I wouldn’t want a bill that would hurt the political expression of any Americans, but I think it’s improving on any doubt that the American Communist Party is not an American Communist Party, if it is, I’m afraid I will be sucker enough to defend its right to speak in the preach.

But it’s been proven that it isn’t an Asian of a farm government, it is the bulgarian communist party, it is the Korean communist party, it is a German Communist Party. I mean that by this time beyond any shadow of doubt, we approve from that and I don’t believe that it is up to us to protect the rights of quislings against the rights of American citizens.

Because they sell our rights, they use the techniques of character assassination, and if they get control of the screen or of the country, it will be the characters that are assassinate. I don’t know how you can do it, but I think it’s your problem.

I hope you do it. I also think whether this is pertinent to you gentlemen or not, but would you mind if I make a suggestion to the producers? I don’t know. I think you had better give up.

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