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Back To The Future Walmart Hoverboard Replica Review

Description: This passage is mainly about hoverboard Walmart. The writer does a movie prop review of the hoverboard of Back To The Future, it shows us the specific features of the hoverboard.

I am sure that you would like to do something else rather than read. I’m not expecting anyone, that’s weird. I didn’t order a package. This is Joseph again and I’m back. So today I am going to do a movie prop review on the Back to the Future hoverboard.

It’s very cool, I bought it on Halloween costumes con, there were only two left in stock. Now there’s one by one before there’s zero left. So I’ve already opened this thing up, as you might see in my latest article, so it was very funny filming that.

So I’m going to show you the box and what the hoverboard itself looks like. I’ve been doing movie reviews, sometimes I’ve done it a couple of times, so I’m going to stop doing my movie reviews, and instead I’m going to try to do some prop movie reviews for you.

So now I have three things on my channels, comedy skits, fast songs and movie prop reviews. So let’s open this up all. So the front is very cool, it says Back to the Future. As you can see here, it says hoverboard. The design is very cool, it’s the design of the hoverboard.

It’s a slip feature here, it’s upside down. The back is very cool, it shows the magnetic pads. So I think this part is great to the box. Some of you have seen that this is the Mattel hoverboard, sorry I’m a little sick, but this isn’t the Mattel reward, the one that makes the sound and this isn’t similar to the Mattel one.

That’s about 100 maybe 50 bucks, I don’t know how much that one was, this was only 50 bucks. So one thing I think that I might have wanted them to put on the box maybe is this. I think this is great, they should keep this.

But if you have seen the box of the Mattel one, it shows what the Box would look like, if you bought a hoverboard, and if you were in Back to the Future, if you were on the Back to the Future universe. So I think this part is great, they should keep that, but I think they should remove the cover here ,maybe only keep this hoverboard.

I like this design, it is great to keep that, but take off Back To The Future here, and maybe leave as it is, and maybe have the word hoverboard a little bit bigger. I think it will be very cool, because I I think it’s very cool and neat in the mattel hoverboard. It’s what the box would look like if you buy a hoverboard.

So let’s open this up, so I’ve already opened this before, so here’s a little reward, it is great and light, and this is a cool thing to have. I like it. so let’s get to the details and stuff. I love this thing, there’s what you call it Velcro here, which is very nice, it is very nice to touch.

Here foot strap comes off, it is what I’ll show you in a little bit. I can slip my foot here, so it’s a sticker which has a lot of trapped air in places, I don’t know if you can tell it here, it seems like a piece of tape, because there were a few pebbles stuck under the sticker, and I have attempted to try to take that out, so it’s stuck back on better when I was applying it. I used some tapes here.

But if you are a critic, and you are very picky about stuff, I suggest you might not want to get one of these, because it has some trap air in places. But if you’re the person who can deal with that stuff, such as using either a little pop and the air bubbles, then I don’t know whatever. But that is the only flaw about this thing. This hoverboard has some trap air in it.

The foot rotates, so that’s very cool. Now let’s get to the back, the back is amazing, I love how realistic the magnetic pads look, I love how that looks, and here in the middle, it shows how it’s license to Universal stoop by Universal Studios, so it’s very cool, and I like how it looks like, that’s very much, it’s a very cool thing to have.

So now I’m going to show you how I can easily put my foot in this thing, so it slides on and it’s very cool, so it’s cool, it slides well, so it seems that it’s hovering. It’s the box, so that’s how it slides, which is very cool.

So that’s about it for my movie prop review, there’s one last quick look at it, it is a nice hoverboard to have. I think I love it, so I’m going to use this in my movie, and then I keep the box, it looks very cool.

So if you are a big fan of Back to the Future, and you want a hoverboard, but you don’t want to break a hole in your wallet, I suggest you doing one of these, there’s only one more left in stock. So type in Halloween costumes com, click the link, search Back to the Future hoverboard, it’s only 50 bucks.

It’s a very cool thing to have. That’s the article for today and this weekend. I will do a nice, cool and funny Valentine’s Day skit for my YouTube channel, maybe today or maybe tomorrow, I don’t know. But I want to do a Valentine’s date for you. So look forward to that, and I’ll be probably doing a couple of articles this week, because I’m off for winter break. I hope you enjoy the hoverboard movie prop review, and I will see you next time.

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