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The Reasons of Hoverboard Gets Us Kicked out at Walmart.com

Description: The following article is going to show us the detailed procedures of the game when those people play with hoverboard that is sold in walmart, they want to share with us about some details, especially the periods when they experience failures and faults.

This is a completely good store with a skateboard and try to get kicked out, let’s go, choose your weapon, what do you want to get kicked out? With a skateboard? A hoverboard or scooter?

It should be the hoverboard, my knee hurts, he’s going to use the hoverboard and I’m going to use the skateboard and we’re going to go and we’re going to try to get kicked out of Target.

I don’t know mess around and Target, see what we can do, catch you in target, in three two one, Claudius Claudius is that you dude, he’s everywhere, Claudius Claudius is everywhere, I see how much we can mess around and not get kicked out.

let’s see state line, we’re like Skateland, you feel me a skate line, you feel me a skate line in here, like a little Irish man, it’s so loud, how’d you pick me, we’re going to get him back, let’s go moving sections, let’s go.

After we get my shoes, let’s go to the store and get kicked out, I was kicked out, in tennis video, a bully, I don’t know him, there are target workers, I told you that this would happen Jake, she said I have to walk, Jake, you know what we do, you know what we do into kicks, kicked off of hoverboard, an extreme seven-year-old gun saying, this is slippery.

This is a free world, this is a free country, you can do it if you want to ride a hoverboard, this is my target, I’ll buy this target and turn into a chai realize, I might have been covering the mic that entire time I’m not sure, I don’t know he is hiding those hot babes.

I’m going to do a trick, welcome to my day, that’s Derek’s dad, we’re in a video, this is Derek J Mars dad waking through, I got your little power over there, do you miss Derek? Derek’s in Australia now, can I hit that monstroso?

You made it into Jake’s video, Larry to Boston’s, I was going to swear to god, Jake, I was getting ready to say that in there and you feel me getting up, let’s hear someone, I’m going to put the camera down here, over there, hiding you, we’re waiting for somebody coming here.

Can you hold him for me? That’s right, now we go, we’ll be here, we will be here on Saturday night, come back, I do a sketchy Friday night, yes, give you number, that worked way better than I was expecting with you, the same target, it is scary, that was good on camera, I got it.

Should we do that? Jenna is perfect, I can help you with something, is this a prank? Are you punking? I don’t even know what you did, do you have their face on it?

It was like this, I don’t know, let’s go, let’s go, it’s fun, when you do it, the first time, you could carry it, let’s go, girls, these days, I’m like your cameraman with toys, for Toys & Games.

I’ll look at you, this level, this is all one clip, there is no way, I can stop, it’s been ten minutes, it’s all he got, it’s all I can do, I think they’re not at a p.m., I don’t see why you do not know and how to Hulu.

What can you juggle about? You can do hoverboard juggling in v1 with Jake, then you can do it, so you can go for the longest, definitely, you have this, we have to go here, this is a challenge of the week, we have to see how far we can go with juggling.

I don’t have a word, starting from this red line, you are ready for this start, at that red line, you’re a wizard, Jake, I can’t go that far, he’s still juggling, Josh, what are you doing? You possibly know where I’m going. I’m walking and this is what he made it.

I’m coming back, please wait for me for a while, we need to get the angle, does Roger come back to get the angle? Please wait for me again, don’t go, what is your life motion? That’s all.

I’m a person who is incredibly awkward for you, this is your first date at the point, never held hands, what did you know about this person who is there, he died, we are turning 13, I bring one more thing and then we’ll be down there, hold the camera which can turn to juggle.

What do I look like? Let me get a prime like an Irish, Justin Bieber, go from that line, by this line, but I’m not going to go into it, get there, go, becaus they are going to throw it, I’m hiding pot, we’re leaving, is that enough footage, it is poor, does he talk to any people?

I don’t know, I feel that now, I think that’s enough footage, we’re trying to mess around in target and we succeeded, let me know in the comments below, if you want to come back here on Tanith channel and do another video like this, but never mention, we don’t need it, that was our video which has not been turned out with the way that is better than that.

I thought it started off, which is boring and then we hooked it, 24/7, so thanks a lot, Lindy around in target, so I hope you enjoyed that vide, it started off, it is very slow, but we finish it off and let me know if we should do another video like this on tannaz channel and go ham and target, so let me know in the comments below, thank you for reading, I will be back tomorrow with another one which can tell you more about it.

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