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What Happens to A HoverBoard from 100FT Drop at Walmart.com

Description: The following article is going to give us the experiment that the boys will drop the hoverboard they bought from walmart from about 100 feet, they will show us the result and problems they meet, and share with us about the moment when they put hoverboard into pieces.

Let’s go back at the drop zone and today on weather break, we are doing something very interesting, we’re going to be dropping a hoverboard sponsored by moto, move calm, they basically sent me this board and wanted me to do a little drop thing on it.

We’re going to drop it from about 100 feet, pause the video, let me know what you think about, do you think it’s going to survive? Comment that down below and let’s see what happen.

Let’s open it up quickly and see what’s in there, we’re dropping the hoverboard. I took it out of the box, first, we are going to be dropping this red hoverboard, so this is what happened to this thing, this is the battery, little pieces everywhere, this is the main part of the board, so cracked in half, so that’s completely shattered.

So I’m going to try to put all the pieces together, so here’s the board, here are all the pieces, I found from it, these are all the pieces, I found those are little footsteps, this cracked all over the place, this thing is broken seriously, it’s the little rotation thing, much broken, there’s the battery, so that’s what happens to a hoverboard from 100 feet.

It doesn’t make it, thank you so much for reading to the end of it, give this a like and share with your friends, if you want to print, they’re very durable.

Obviously, the first board didn’t survive, because we dropped it from 100 feet, very durable and if you want one of these boards, go to moto muqaam in the description and purchase yourself one of those.

I’m hooking you up with $100 off, use the promo code, rich kids to get $100 off one of these, if you want one, go in the description, check that out, I post it every other day, so I hope you enjoy this, subscribe to this channel.

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