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How to Activate IPhone or IPad IMessages Settings

Description: This following article is mainly about how to activate iMessage, introducing every function, advantage and method of application of iMessage to make sure you can get more information about iMessage and better user experience.

This is our technology bit on the messages app settings. In all of our technology bits of different apps, we always include a technology bit on setting for apps, you can customize all of your apps to make them work the way you want. If you want customize the message, you need to find your message app which is a little gear.

I’m going to find my message app and tap on that. It’s going to bring up the screen. For this technology bit, we’re using the phone, because in our case, our phone is cellular like everyone’s phone. Our iPad is Wi-Fi only, it’s not cellular. You’re going to have more features to customize for messages on a cellular device than you are in a Wi-Fi only device.

If you are using a Wi-Fi only device, it will not have a lot of these features. The cellular device does. The first one is iMessage. That is Apple’s service which allows you to message from an Apple device to another Apple device for free. It doesn’t come off your data plan.

This is something you need to turn on and you can see it’s green which means that it is on. If I turn it off, it is not green. You can turn it on and off by tapping on this little slider. The next one is send read receipts. This is that if someone sends you a text message, when you click on that and look at it, it’ll be marked read on his device.

You can see I have it turned off because I like to be sneaky. I don’t want someone to know when I look at their messages. It’s something I don’t want to deal with. I keep mine off but you can have yours on if you want.

Next one is send as SMS. That means if someone is not on iMessage, you will still be able to send the message. If they don’t have iMessage, turn on. It will send messages by costing money on your data plan. The way to see whether iMessage is on or not is to look at the text bubble behind the text. If iMessage is working, it will be blue otherwise it will be green. If it is green, that either means they don’t have iMessage on or they don’t have an Apple product.

Next is send and receive. If you tap on that, it will show you all your selected phone numbers and emails that others can contact you. You need to make sure that you do that, because some people might text you at your email address.

This is where to start your conversations. You can pick your favorite rails. I want it to come from my phone because it’s a message. For this section, you can turn on or off MMS which is multimedia message sizes for messages with videos or pictures. It does use a lot of data plans. If you turn it off, when you send a video or a picture to someone, iMessage isn’t available. We don’t want to send that as a standard plan, so we can wait till we can set it by iMessage.

You can turn on or off group messaging. If you don’t want to be in the group, you can show a subject field and what that will do is that it will put a short subject feels like an email hands at the top of the message which is clunky in him text message thread. It’s clunky if you don’t have iMessage.

Blocked is nice, because you can add people to a block list and you will not receive phone calls messages or FaceTime from people on the block list. I had some random person texting me, so I put them in my block list and now I don’t get it anymore. It is also good for avoiding getting advertising range.

We also have message history where you can choose to keep your messages forever. It is great, because you can keep scrolling back through the message thread and see all the messages that you text with somebody. If you start running into storage issues, you can change that to one year or thirty days.

Then we have filter unknown senders and this is a unique feature. It allows you to turn off notifications for iMessages from people who are not in your contacts. It sorts them into a separate list, so you’re not going to be disturbed by somebody that isn’t in your contact list. When you’re throughout your normal day, you can see all those messages in a separate thread.

Let’s use some nice features for the audio messages as well as video messages as we talked about in our technology bit. I’m adding audio messages to your text. They can be quite large, so this expire is handy. Maybe you’re waiting for something special and you want to keep it, this raised to listen. It is a nice feature when you’re playing an audio message.

If you’re around a group of people and you don’t and whilst here or it’s hard to press the button to listen to it and get it to your ear, this raised to listen. We’ll take the movement of the phone. When you pull it up, it’ll start playing, so that’s handy. It’s the same as for voice messages or video messages. Those are large and you should have those set to expire after two minutes. Thanks for reading.

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