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IMessage Not Delivered Fixed How to Activate IMessage

Description: This passage is completely about how to activate iMessage, showing many methods to you about how to approach and solve this common problem with iMessages that the message can not be sent out as iMessage step by step.

I’m going to show you how to solve this common issue on iMessage that you see in front of you. Let’s get started. This is a common issue of iMessages on iPhone. I have tried multiple ways on trying to fix this issue. The first attempt is by holding down a long press the message that you send. Select send as SMS or as text. This would fix this.

You can see this exclamation point next to the message that you sent just now and it says not delivered. That’s annoying, because you’re trying to send the text to your friend and it says not delivered. In reality, you can see that there are courier points on the top of your phone which mean that your friend might receive your text, but you don’t know. It says to your iPhone that it doesn’t and that’s annoying.

I’m going to show you how to fix this issue by following my attempts that I try to do. My first attempt is to go to settings and go to messages. Turn iMessages off. Wait for a couple of seconds and then turn it on again. Now it says waiting for activation and now it’s on. If you want, you can turn off send as SMS. For me, this doesn’t work. If it works for you, congratulations. You can stop it now.

My next approach is to reboot the iPhone, because this way it should ask you to unlock your SIM card. For me, it doesn’t work again. If that works for you, congratulations again. My third attempt is to turn on airplane mode and then turn off airplane mode. That is how I solved out this issue with iMessage.

If it still doesn’t work for you, you can go back to iMessage and hold down message that you want to send. A menu will pop up with some multiple sections. Click on send as a text. You need to send it as a iMessage with your Wi-Fi enabled. If it still doesn’t work, keep trying, then it will work afterwards. I keep trying all options that I showed you. I hope that this is helpful. See you next time.

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