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How to Activate iPhone without SIM CARD Hacktivate Step by Step

Description: This passage is mainly about how to activate iPhone. In this article, the writer will teach you how to “hacktivate” and activate the iPhone 2g/3g/3gs/4g without the original sim card, or if your sim card reader is broken.

This is Ian, today I’m going to teach you how to activate your iPhone 3G or 3GS whatever version it’s on. Activating is all, if you don’t have a 18-t SIM card or your SIM card readers and working, you can activate your iPhone and iTunes. This is what activating is used for activation, whatever you want to call it.

As you can see on the screen, your iTunes logo might be different, but you see in iTunes with USB, and there’s a little slider at the bottom, if there’s no slider, then this video is not for you. So let’s get started with the activation.

You’re going to need to download two things, one is red snow, I cannot say the version, only because it depends on what version your iPhone is on, I don’t know my iPhone isn’t showing it on, open up iTunes, and we’ll find out now. Make sure it’s all plugged in, it’s coming up. There’s no SIM card, no problem, it’s not going to tell me what it is.

So now, you’re going to have to go and get a program, which is called tiny umbrella. So I’m getting out of the recycle bin, because I have it. I’m going to have the link in the description for tiny umbrella under my article, pretend it’s down here, you’ll see something that says show more click that, you’ll see all the links.

Open up tiny umbrella, click yes, and the soil starts running, if it doesn’t open, that means you don’t have Java installed, you can install Java by Google searching Java. So even items wouldn’t show you a version or phone on your home icon, it sucks, no problem. Here is this connected device, click on it, then go down here at the bottom, this device model is from 3G.

And under that, you can install for more version 3.1 point two years, which might say something else, so that’s what version you’re on. I’m going to have a jailbreak table, which is going to show you what version of red snow you’re going to need to activate, it’s in the description, click the description and I’ll have a link with the whole table showing you what versions for what iPhone and what red snow to use.

Since I am on 3.1.2, I need to use red snow zero point nine point six beta six, and click open selector for more. It is unable to recognize specified IPSW, I think I got the wrong way. I’m sorry, I’m supposed to use red snow zero point nine point four, since I’m on three point one point two. So I’m going to open that up, click yes.

Now I’m going to click browser, and here a dialog box is going to come, you need to find firmware for your version, iPhone one comma two three point one point two, you can see I’m on three point one point two, and one comma two means 3G, 2 comma 1 means 3GS, 1 comma 1 means more to gene or the first iPhone with the silver metal back, and 3 comma 1 means iPhone 4.

Click open, so you click on that, and you’ll say processing, and then IPSW successfully identified. Now you’re going to go down and click next. You’ll see this patch and kernel, be patient and wait. So what you’re going to see is the install Cydia, verbose boot, custom boot logo or whatever of that.

So this is where activating comes in, if you are on 4.0 or something, you might see an option, which says deactivate as the same thing as activating activation, select that. Since I don’t see that. I’m going to select install Cydia, and I’m going to click Next.

Please make sure that the device is off and plug into the computer. So it is plugged into the computer, snip the power off, that’s officers, probably you will hear a noise, click next, hold the power button for two seconds. I can hold both the power and the home button for 10 seconds, then the device will power off.

You can see that mine is a little late, but no problem. Now you’re going to release the power button, continue holding the home button for about 30 seconds, which might be less. You’ll hear a little beeping noise if your volume is up, and you can let it go once it changes, so you’ll see that wait for reboot, no problem and let it run.

Slid the device for a little bit, and it should be done soon. I will let it run. You should have done all of them. Now you have to wait for iPhone, I’d recommend leaving it, and plugging it in. It seems that it’s finally done. Your device is going to power back up, you can click finish on red snow.

So it should be powering up soon, and you should see that. So it may be for a little second, and then it goes to wait. So the device is activated and jailbroken. So hope you like this article, please comment, rate and subscribe. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

Remember that the red snow version depends on what version your iPhone is on, and it should be good if you don’t click install Cydia, you can go back and then select install Cydia, that’s a better way of doing it. But if you have no choice, it’s not a bad option.

If you get problems with push notifications, you can Google and search it. There’s something called SAM, and I can make an article on that later, but you should be fine. I hope you like this article, so please comment, rate and subscribe.

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