how to activate iphone

How to Activate Your iPhone

Description: This article is mainly about how to activate iPhone. In this article, we can learn the specific steps of how to activate our brand new Apple iPhone for AT&T in a simple and fast way for the first time.

It’s a very sad day, I’m giving up my Motorola cue for a phone, you might have heard of the iPhone, so I’m going to activate it now for the first time, and take you along in the process, iTunes has recognized my iPhone, it’s now in the device list, so the first screen that I get is welcome to your new iPhone.

Let’s get started and activate your phone with AT&T. Register and get an iTunes Store account, which in case you don’t have one. Put your contacts, music and more on your iPhone. I’m going to press Continue. Are you a new or existing AT&T? Which is formerly known as singular customer. I am a new AT&T Wireless customer, who is similar to many people that have bought the iPhone.

Transfer your existing mobile number,, no I don’t have one, continue, select your plan, I am going to start out with the low-priced 59.99 plan, give an Apple ID and turn it here, please wait while Apple authenticates you, which happens quickly. Now it’s asking for my date of birth, you must be 18 years old.

Now here’s the interesting part, you need to put in your social security number, which is a little weird for some people going through iTunes, but it’s a standard credit application for a cell phone, so it’s not too big of a deal. There is a little lock on the side above the AT&T; logo, so you know that this is a secure site, click OK, accept the iPhone Terms & Conditions. We’ll pretend that I have read them all.

Now here’s the ATT service agreement, the early termination fee is a hundred and seventy five dollars. Here’s all my information, I have my billing address, my plan, my one-time activation fee of $36. ATT is processing my activation, this can take up to three minutes, hope I’m approved. It seems that something’s happening.

Congratulations, ATT is activating your iPhone, and I have my new mobile phone number, and my iPhone has now lit up, it is activating my AT&T; service to set up and sync this phone. Press Continue, then name my iPhone, I’m going to say Rich’s iPhone. I automatically sync contacts, calendars, email accounts and bookmarks. Let’s do it.

So now you’re presented with the standard sync screen, and you have all of your options to sync everything. Now because this is only 8 gigabytes, I’m going to have to be choosy about what I put on my iPhone, it’s not going to hold everything in my iTunes library.

I realized something, they didn’t ask for my credit card information while I was signing up, so they must already have my credit card stored for my iTunes account, which is interesting. Maybe they’ll send me a bill, maybe I won’t get one.

So now, I have 7.2 3 gigs available on my iPhone, and it’s going to start syncing everything, it’s going to take a little bit of time, so I’ll come back when it’s all done. It’s been 25 minutes, and my iPhone is now synced up. It says iPhone sync is complete.

So I have two gigs of audios, 2.3 gigs of videos, 200 megabytes of photos, and still two and a half gigs of free space left. I didn’t put everything on there. My iPhone sync is complete, disconnect it for the first time, there we go. It says iPhone is activated.

I’m going to take off the plastic for the first time, iPhone is ready to go. It’s a very simple activation process. We have done all of them in the comfort of your home, it’s very fast. Now I have to wait for the bill to come in the mail. I’m Rich, tomorrow with CNN TV. Hope you enjoy it.

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