The New Online Submission System in HRC Gateway at

Description: This article is focused on the new online submission system of HRC gateway, it teaches you how to log into the account, update the information and add name to an application.

As the HRC has replaced the online submission system, it has been used for eight years. So there are a couple of things that I want to point out about the HRC gateway.

First of all, all named investigators that wish to have their names on an application must have an account on the HRC gateway. If you’ve used the easy system within the last five years, then your information will be transferred over to the gateway and you’ll be able to use the logon that you had previously and passwords.

If you want to get onto the gateway and you don’t have an account, you can go to the other gateway through the HRC link on the homepage, click the sign up button for HRC gateways and you will be taken to a page where you can fill in your information, it takes you 48 hours for your account to be approved. If you have an account, and you have forgotten your login or password, click on the button, and you can request a password reset.

When you sign in, you can update your profile information and transfer your information, which may not necessarily be up to date or correct. We are interested in your research expertise and experiences, so we can use the information to ask you to take part in peer review the HRC.

So currently, there are two rounds open on the gateway, one is the CDA’s and the other is 2015 project round. So if you go to the gateway, you won’t be able to do much on the project side of thing, because it doesn’t open until Monday. When you are in the gateway, you can access applications.

If you are named on a application, the system will send you an email to let you know that you have been named. You can follow the progress of any application that you’re involved in, and there’s also a to-do list and that tells you when you can do your rebuttal, etc.

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