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NBC Live Extra Update at Http NBC Sports Activate Com

Description: This article mainly focuses on http nbcsports com activate, trying to fix the problem that people can not watch matches with NBC Sports Live Extra because of the unavailable plug-in.

It seems that NBC has prevented this plug-in that you’ve all been enjoying so much from. What the site does is that when you log into this website to watch the streams, it sends a cookie that allows those streams to be played. Because there’s no login on that now, you’re not going to get the cookie. Therefore, you’re not going to get access to the streams.

People are working on it. I do not know how long that’s going to take because it’s a big task to work out. I’m waiting back on words from a friend of mine who’s in the States. He will tell me whether he can supply official logins for NBC live extra or not.

As soon as I get a reply from him, I’ll post the details. I will figure out some way to let you all get in touch with him through me or directly to him. It’ll allow you to log in to this website on the subscribers bit. You need to go here then click. I’m going to give you an online ID and a password you can log in. You need a VPN for this one because I think NBC have also blocked DNS services from using the site.

You’re going to use a VPN to get in but these things are cracking down on them all the time. The Premier League is forcing companies into making changes. It’s a long term battle. I know how frustrating it can be. I hear back from my friend. I will upload as soon as possible to let all of you log in it and watch the football.

It pisses me off that the other countries can get every single match. I won’t run this on anymore because I pissed myself off. As soon as I get the fix or information, I will post it up. Thanks for reading. See you in the next one. Bye.

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