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SWP 003 Update on Walmart Cancelling My Recent Gift Card Orders at Http WWW Survey Walmart Com

Description: This following article mainly focuses on http www survey walmart com, showing the updates of the problem that Walmart cancels the author’s orders because of the rejected gift card. The author sent a message and waited for the solution.

I know I haven’t made out any passage in a couple of days. I apologize for that. I moved, so I had to find a room to rent and the Internet to use. Thanks to the help of some other people. I’m in a country where I don’t speak the local language. That is a huge issue and I have to learn Spanish. I understand that now. Luckily I have some good people around me and they’re encouraging and supporting me.

I want to give you an update about the gift card thing. Last time you saw that Walmart canceled a bunch of my purchases that were made by gift cards. What happened is that batches of gift cards were flagged. Maybe it is due to fraud.

At first, I could add them into my account and I would be able to place an order. The order would get canceled six or seven hours later. Now I can’t even check the balance of these gift cards. Walmart is telling me that these gift cards are all invalid. I think that a batch of cards were flagged and Walmart brought them up as fraudulence. There is a delay before they update their system to reject the cards.

All of these cards except for the last one in the order are being actively rejected. When I look them up, it says your gift card number and PIN does not match our records. please try again. If I put a gift card that I used in the past, it works. It’ll recognize it as a gift card with a zero dollars. This problem is specific to the batches of gift cards that I purchased recently.

There’s no way for me to work around this with a new account, because I can’t enter these cards into the account. What I will do is to place orders with my credit card. That works perfectly. It’s probably going to be three or four days before I get my money back for the original gift cards. I purchased these from card cast, they come with like a warranty, so I’ll be able to get my money back.

I start to focus on the course getting working on the software section and add some other stuff. This is what’s happening with the gift card thing. I can show you this message. I’ll read it quickly. I recently purchased 2,500 dollars worth of Walmart cards. When I use them, Walmart counts all the orders placed with the cards to see order numbers. I contacted their customers port and did reset.

I tried replacing the gift card orders and they were all canceled again. This time the gift cards themselves are not recognized by Walmart system. I get an error message every time I try to add a gift card or check the balance. I was able to add the gift cards and check the balance before.

They would cancel the orders a couple of hours after I placed them. I can’t even place the order in the first place now because of the rejected gift card. It doesn’t matter if I use a different account. I can log in to check your gift card balance without logging into my account using an incognito browser. There is no link to any account and the gift cards still get rejected. This leads me to believe that there is something to do with the gift cards.

We don’t like gift cards anymore. We don’t like your account which can place orders with my credit card. That doesn’t make sense. I will update you in some more information and we’ll get to see the effects. I’m going to earn less for the new pricing strategy, but I should theoretically sale more. We’re going to do that. I will see you later.

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