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I am going to record doing a Humana standalone dental insurance plan application in Illinois, let’s begin. Stand-alone dental insurance for individuals and families has become very common these days, so we are going to have a look and see what it looks like.

We will do a test, run zip code 60048 Libertyville Illinois, we ‘ll do it for an individual mail, regardless of which dental insurance company you’re looking at. When you plug in your information, you can see it’s going to go by zip code, this geographical location is going to be very relevant to the plan, considering which dentists are available and things like that.

We can see three different plans and here’s the monthly premiums. One of the main differences with dental insurance in the future is going to be like that if you can purchase it all year round or during open enrollment, that depends on different variables.

Let’s take a look at the providers, one cool thing with dental insurance. Everyone has a pretty unique little dental search provider link, you’ll find at their website, it’s user-friendly 62048, this is northern suburbs.

So we can see which doctors are available, this will help us determine whether or not these standalone dental plans can make sense. The first tip is whichever accompany you look at take advantage of their provider search, and you’ll be able to see which local dentist in your suburb accepts the plan that you’re considering.

Besides verifying the dentist, I would say a second huge thing to check up right away with is their waiting period. So we can see services waiting period, the time, they must wait Limbaugh and we have a no waiting period, maybe a six month waiting period, and then a no-waiting period on these three individual plans.

For the sake of this demo, I’m interested in this twenty two ninety nine per month for this Humana plan I checked out the the dentist provider, look up everything. I’ll click Add plan, we can see on the right hand side here, effective date 3-1 2015 the premium per month 2299, no vision here it is – quote.

We’re almost done, please review the information carefully, please double-check this and you can see that in the individual stand alone Illinois dental insurance market 22 per month. For this personal plan, it’s reasonable and you can purchase this even if you have medical insurance with a different carrier.

I have the final application details page Lake County Illinois. You can see a PDF of the plan, let’s take a look. This is the one you want.

For the sake of this demo, we can get to this page and you apply it’s automatic approval, and it’s straightforward. If you’re researching to buy dental insurance plans in Illinois online, check out our website in the description box below.

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