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Unlock Icloud Activation for Iphone 7 or 6s Ios 11.2.6 with CFW Method Permanently Unlock Your IPhone

Description: The following passage completely talks about humana pharmacy login, helping you to remove iCloud activation lock for iPhone 6s and 7 so that you could restore your phone and use it.

Today I’m going to show you how to fix iCloud lock problem on iPhone with custom firmware method. The iPhone is stuck on this iCloud activation lock screen. It’s asking for the iCloud ID and the password to bypass the screen.

In this article, I going to use the custom firmware method to fix this iCloud lock problem. This is a completely permanent solution. For that, you need to have a PC that is must be Windows 764 bit and an original cable which for iPhones. You also need to download these three files from the given link below the description.

First is the ICP driver. Second is the modern iTunes and the last one is the custom firmware for your phone. This is for iPhone 6s because I’m going to test on this iPhone 6s. The custom firmware version is 11.2.5. After downloading this, install the motor die tunes and the ICP driver. Then restart the phone with disabling the driver signature enforcement.

Turn off the antivirus. First of all, rename the custom firmware in the this name. After renaming it, copy that file and paste it to a specific folder. Search for %Apple data%. It is the available roaming folder. Open that. From here, you need to select the Apple computer and then iTunes and then iPhone software updates. Paste the file to here and minimize it.

From here, you need to open the iTunes and connect your cable with the computer. I’m using the original one. This one is also a cable but it’s a duplicate cable. If I use this cable, I definitely can not get a iTunes. That’s why I use the original cable. I recommend you to use the original cable while doing that.

After that, connect this with the computer and check if the file has been completed. It’s completed so connect it now. When you see the charging option, hold the home button and the power button until the phone gets off. When it’s off, continue pressing the buttons till the phone gets on with the Apple logo. Now remove holding the power button and only holding the home button.

Now the phone jumps on the iTunes mode. Click the restore then click restore and update. The process will automatically start. It will take around 5 to 10 minutes. The software is extracting. It’s verifying the restore the icon. The tester firmware is slow. The iPhone has been restored to factor setting.

It seems that it has done. It’s asking for to set up your iPhone as a new one or restore from the previous backup which is on my computer. Let’s cancel it. It is in computer now. It seems that the iCloud bypassed. The iCloud lock has been removed from the phone. The network will not work so that’s a sad thing.

You can use your phone with Wi-Fi only. When you use it, the network will be no service. Let’s set up with a Wi-Fi password. It is completed now. Let’s check it out. It asks for the touch ID and the password. Don’t use passcode.

It seems to be done now. You can select restore to set it as a new phone. Now it’s completely done. This is the way in which you can easily remove your iCloud log problem from your iPhones. I work for all the iPhones with 64-bit and it’s also work on iPad and iPods. Thanks for reading this.

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