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A Quick Review of Pandora and iHeart Radio at Iheart Com Activate. Com

Pandora VS. iHeartRadio

Today I’m going to do a quick versus between Pandora and iHeart Radio because I’m tired of listening to people complaining about both of them. Soon, I will be doing a versus with Pandora, iHeart Radio, iTunes Radio and all the other online radios.

I’ve been reading a lot about people arguing about which one is better, I think neither of them is really better than the other one. To be honest, I use Pandora a lot more, so I think Pandora is a little better.

Let’s start out with Pandora. When you open it off the bat, it starts your music, whatever the last station you had is. Last time I listened to the Pink Floyd Radio and you can see it, all the radio stations I have created over the years are on the side.

Some are made by my daughter, like the Kidz Bop Radio, some are made by my girlfriend, like David Guetta. If you want to create a new station, what you need to do is to type in the artist, genre, composer or you can browse by the regular genres.

Let’s go to latrine and then it brings out even more like dub, step house chill-out tech techno, just click on one. I’m not going to play any of it, but all you need to do is to create a radio station, then once you have your radio station created, you can do whatever you want to.

You select it, then you can connect with friends and discover new music. Let me click on your Lonely Island radio, and you can add variety to it, I’ll show you quickly, it brings up some suggestions.

Now I’ve added Daniel Tosh to your Lonely Island radio and here are some other things that you can do, you can show the station details, rename or delete the station. Pandora is completely easy to use and you’ll notice that the only ad on it right now is a little candy crush on the left hand corner.

So it will play music, and the ads will be shown on the station, especially if you’re skipping a lot of music, the more you play, the more ads you will have. I think it is 40 hours per week, a free mute of free listening, unless you want to pay, which isn’t that bad.

I have no complaints with Pandora, it is simple to use and they add something on the recent updates. So if you’re in a low connectivity area, your internet is really slow, signal is not good, it barely uses any signal to keep your music playing, so that’s cool and I like that a lot.

The main thing about iHeartRadio is that it hits the radio really hard. So if you want to play anything on the radio, you can find a station and it brings up all your local stations up to40 stations.

It creates a station easily, all you need to do is to type in the artist or song to create a custom station. So we type in Pink Floyd, and then it brings up a whole bunch of things, and we’re going to create station. I don’t use iHeart Radio because every time when I use it, I have to login, it never lets me stay logged in so it’s annoying, there is now a sleep timer and Pandora has added it too, it has enhanced audio.

It’s obvious that I like Pandora more. Now you go to my station, you can see a picture of it, here are the videos and pictures. I didn’t know about this little feature before, but I don’t like it all. Here is a publish to Facebook Timeline button, which is annoying, I did that once by accident, so every time when I like a song or create a new station, or anything like that, it puts it on Facebook. I don’t know why they think I want to do that. I did that and then I liked a song and it posted it on the Facebook, two days later, for some reason, people were having discussions about how weird it was to like this kind of song. But there’s one thing I have to say about iHeart Radio is that it likes ads. And they have music festivals and they still hit you up with a crazy amount of ads. So Pandora is my favorite.

If you want straight-up music or you want to listen to music, no real hassle, you should go with Pandora. If you want to listen to the radio, I guess this is what you want. I’ve used it for once, and I don’t know if it was read in my recently played list.

So thanks for reading, I realize it turned into a little bit of a rant there halfway through, but don’t forget to subscribe thumbs up, it helps out a lot. I will be doing another video tomorrow about iTunes radio, which I love a lot.

I haven’t used Pandora since I got it, so I’ll be doing one on iTunes radio tomorrow. I’m going to check it out, and I’m going to be doing some hands-on stuff with the iPhone 5s and 5c within the week. So make sure you check that out and subscribe, because I get a lot of stuff coming up, I do a lot of stuff with video games, especially when big games come out, like A Grand Theft auto just came out. I bought the collector’s edition of that, and I do an unboxing of it, and share everything that it comes in hands-on with you. So make sure you subscribe thumbs up, follow me on Twitter and check out my blog. Thanks for reading and wish you have a good day.

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