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A Review of Iheart Radio App and Pandora Radio App at Iheart Com Activate. Com

I’m here with an app review and you will be seeing a bunch of apps throughout today and tomorrow. I’m going to show you three right now which are related to music, so if you have an iPhone, one iPod touch or an iPad, and you’re sick of all the music you have on your device, you can try the apps I talk about in the following.

The first one is iHeartRadio. So let’s get started, it is owned and designed by Clear Channel, so it has all Clear Channel’s radio stations all over the United States.

So let’s go down here and I think they own kiss FM, Los Angeles own star 98.7, one or two point seven, 10 4.3 and hot 92.3 and KFI. And these are all channels right here, and they own coast as well. I didn’t know that. If you like 98.7 and you don’t live in LA anymore, or you move out, it’ll give you the administration, the name of the song and everything you need.

But works for us, because I went to North Carolina to visit family and I loved 10 6.5 The end, it worked for me, if you like rock, I would recommend checking out 10 6.5 The end, It’s in Charlotte North Carolina channel, so let’s show you how the app works.

So you have the tab accidentally here. Click the add, and you get little ads at the bottom. So the tab you get like home favorites on, I’ll sort by and settings. You get home favorites sort by in settings, so let’s go home, it would give you local stations, all cities and all these different things.

So let’s see what Clear Channel owns in my area, Mix 93.1, Kicks 100.9. You can listen to them, they are not the best, there are some better stations and you have to find that out yourself, you can have a station that will automatically start up. When you get in a car and you turn on your iPhone, iPad, ipod touch or whatever you got with a mobile broadband Wi-Fi, you can tap and it will start.

We will see how it works in sleep mode, the station that I have set starts, so it takes a minute but as soon as you turn off here, put your iphone or ipod touch into sleep mode, it’ll start the station, and you can pause.

The next one is radio com, this is owned by CBS. You get ads in all of these, which is the down part. So on the bottom here you get stations of favorites, history and locals. Locals are your local stations that you’ll get in your area, so let’s see what I got in my favorites or history.

I have 98 One Hot, 93.7k Rock Amp Radio, K NEX. Let’s just click on K Rock and their Los Angeles radio station, you can search by cities too. If you know your city, wherever you live, you can go through all the cities. There’s more on Clear Channel, but on iHeartRadio.com.

And then the next is Pandora, which you can listen to on the computer as well. So the Pandora.com should be well-known. You can choose any artist you like on this internet radio, let’s go with Rise Against, and you can choose any genre.

If you like the songs, you thumb it up, so I’m going to thumb up, and the song will be playing, and now it’ll know that I like this song. And then it’ll pick more songs similar to this kind, so let’s go to a song I don’t like, I thump it down so it’ll start a new song and it’ll know that I don’t like that song.

So let me show you around the app, you have stations here, new stations, bookmarks and settings  and you can just choose. It has a setting to make the quality of the song, if you’re not on 3G, you can make it better.

So let’s go to a new station and choose by genre, so you have a ton of genres, let’s pick hip-hop and you get a bunch of different today’s hip-hops. I already have a today’s hip-hop channel, but I click on it again and nothing will happen.

I have the voice turned down and this quality is amazing on the speaker and headphones. To delete a channel, you just hit edit, here’s a delete button, hit it and that’s gone. So I hope you enjoy this app review, expect more app reviews like this in the next hour and the next days.

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