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A Review of Iheart Radio App at Iheart Com Activate. Com

It’s great to be able to carry your music on your phone but what if you want to use your phone to tune into your favorite radio station, or what if you feel like listening to a specific artist? Where would you go? The popular app—iHeart Radio from Clear Channel lets you do just that with hundreds of radio stations throughout the US.

It even searches the internet to find a radio place for your favorite music. It’s fast, simple and easily tailored to the way you like to listen. Best of all, it will play in the background while you’re reading, emailing, playing games or web browsing.

Let’s see how it works. When you first open the app, it’ll ask you to use the current location, which will bring up the local stations in your area in its own category. You can also choose news, sports and dozens of other radio play lists categories to search stations throughout the country, and you can also choose stations which are in other cities.

So if you want to tune in to your hometown radio while you’re traveling, this is the app to do it. With iHeart Radio, you will keep track of your history and help you return to the most recent selections. But when you find a station, you want to listen again, you can save it in your stations list, you’ll need to log in, which you can do with your email address or Facebook account.

All of those are useful, but the most interesting feature iHeart Radio is the create button, which lets you create your own custom radio plays. So if you want to find a particular artist, it’ll find, and radio stations will play that artist’s music or music closely related to it.

With your create function, you can find whatever you want to listen 24 hours a day. Whatever you customize in your listening preferences is saved and available online on your computer at all times and it’s free. IHeart Radio is available on almost every platform, such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry. And with Forte’s ink, you can even play it in your car. Thanks for reading.

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